WATCH: 'Drag Queen Elsa' Rescues Boston Police Van From Snow

A man dressed as Queen Elsa from Disney's hit animated film Frozen was captured on video rescuing a Boston police van from a pile of snow, proving once and for all that the cold really doesn't bother the Queen of Arendelle.

Thirty-seven-year-old attorney Jason Triplett told The Boston Globe that he wore the ice-blue ensemble to "give his friends a laugh." His efforts proved far more successful than he imagined, with the video reaching more than 500,000 people on Facebook.

The video shows Triplett's Elsa struggling against the wind, the hairs of his blonde wig flying behind him, as he wrenches the stuck van out from the bed of sleet and snow. After pushing for roughly one minute, he succeeds. He then curtseys a few times for the camera and sashays back to the bar, where he and his friends were escaping the wintry weather.

A drag queen dressed as Elsa just single-handedly freed a stuck police wagon from a blizzard in the middle of March. If that sentence doesn't perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Boston, I don't know what does.

Video credit: Christopher Haynes

— Sarah McGonagall (@sarahmcgbeauty) March 14, 2018

"Yup, that just happened," wrote Christopher Haynes, who posted the video to Facebook. "Drag 'Elsa' just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon."

Haynes told the Globe that Elsa received a standing ovation when he returned to the bar. Police officers were also thankful.

"The officers involved were especially grateful for the help and would like to thank the Elsa-impersonator for the assist," Boston police Officer James Kenneally, a spokesman for the department, said in a statement to the newspaper.