'Dragalia Lost' Beginner's Guide: Rerolling, Best Heroes and More

Dragalia Lost , Nintendo's newest mobile game, is full of dragons, danger and Gacha machines. It's the story of a young boy trying to regain his kingdom, who just happens to be able to control the souls of drakes and use them in the middle of battle. Like most mobile RPGs, there's a lot of grinding and luck needed to get the best team possible.

Dragalia Lost Rerolling

Five-star heroes are the most powerful in the game and have a very small chance to drop out of the Gacha machine. With only a half-percent chance to get a powerful five-star hero, dragon or wyrm print, players who want the best chance to succeed are going to need to reroll their games. A reroll is easy enough to do: once you get through the tutorial and unlock enough wyrmite for a 10-spin on the Summon page, you uninstall the game and delete your save to try again.

dragalia lost xanfried
Xanfried, looking dope Newsweek

Getting a five-star hero can prove super tricky if your luck isn't up to par, but it's a cheaper way to guarantee a powerful hero. With the launch event happening now, you should only have to play through the tutorial, link a Helper Hero in the "Friends" tab and watch your Heroes' stories. You don't have to reroll to succeed in Dragalia Lost , but it does help make your team stand out. Some players don't have the time to reset their game over and over until they find the perfect hero, but others are much crazier.

The game does have a "pity timer." For every 10 summons you do and don't get a five-star, the game increases the odds of getting one in your next roll. If your luck is bad, you can go dozens of pulls without seeing even a wyrmprint. I pulled Xanfried on my second reroll and just accepted that he was going to be my main guy.

Best Heroes

Now, I'm going to get a lot of hate for these choice. Dragalia Lost is still an incredibly new game without a ton of powerful casters. You can beat chapter five with only the base party of four-star drops that's given to you, but beating some of the dungeons that require 7,000 Might could prove impossible.

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Gacha can be a cruel mistress Newsweek

Any five-star you get will improve your game, but Mikato, Hawk and Nefaria have the most consistent damage and power. There abilities allow them to wipe the field of monsters very quickly, looking great while doing it. If you are one of the lucky few to pull a Nefaria, the rest of the early game will be a breeze for you. The Egyptian with a bow has some of the best range on any archer in Dragalia .


Understanding the Upgrade system in Dragalia Lost can get a bit overwhelming, Here are the best ways to increase each skill on an Adventurer.

  • Levels- By playing through the game, your heroes will gain experience and level up. By the time they reach 30, their bars won't move very much from just fights. You'll need to power them up in the Upgrade tab by feeding them Crystals earned on missions like Avenue to Power. Once they reach max level, they can be promoted to more powerful versions of themselves.
  • Mana Circles- One of the coolest additions to Dragalia Lost is the addition of Mana Circles. Each hero can get new abilities and stats by spending mana or by using rare items. Once you unlock 10 nodes in a circle, you'll be able to "unbind" the hero and unlock a new circle to complete. There are four in total for each hero, so choose your investment wisely.
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  • Weapons- Items drop by the ton. Weapons can be combined to increase their level, which you'll be doing a lot of. The rarer weapons don't unlock until you have built up your town a bit, so you'll be using one and two star weapons for most of your journey. You can also use weapons of the same type to "unbind" them and increase their level cap.
  • Wyrmprints- Another new addition to the Gacha mobile game is the Wyrmprint. These anime drawings can be equipped for buffs like increased damage or resistance to status effects. If you are lucky, you might be able to get enough five-star prints that fit your team, but don't feel the need to just attach the highest rarity to your strongest hero. Match abilities to their types: there's no reason to put a "Give Me Your Wounded" healing print on a DPS. You can also unbind prints to increase their level cap or feed one to another to make it stronger. Unbinding a print four times will transform its "vestige" into a new more powerful item.
  • Dragons- Last but certainly not least, are your dragons. Once you do a certain amount of damage or destroy enough Wyrmstones on a map, you'll be able to activate your dragon power. Just like characters and Wyrmprints, you can get five-star dragons but they are super rare. Be happy using the elemental drakes for completing missions. Dragons can be upgraded in three different ways. The first way is just by their level; increase it by feeding them dragon fruits or just other dragons. The second is by "unbinding" them, increasing their level cap by combining dragons of the type. FInally, you can increase your bond with a dragon by feeding them in your village. Once a day, you'll be able to purchase food that gives bond experience. You'll also get an item each time you feed your scaly buddy. Once their bond level five, you'll unlock that dragon's story and be able to stay transformed in battle for longer.

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