'Dragon Ball Super: Broly's' Mysterious Scouter Language Deciphered by Redditor

goku broly dramatic finish
Broly and Goku during their Dramatic Finish in 'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Bandai Namco

Eagle-eyed redditor, SummerFlux appears to have deciphered the secret language seen on scouters and other alien objects in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Despite the seemingly random appearance of the symbols, each one directly translates to either an English letter or number, according to the redditor, who was able to translate every symbol that came on screen during the film.

Broly Scouter/ Saiyan Language Updated

While rewatching the newest entry into the Dragon Ball Super franchise, SummerFlux was able to decipher the alien language seen on space technology in the film. They excitedly posted their discovery to a Reddit thread.

The "aha!" moment happened during the film's first act when Cheelai first arrives at the planet, Vampa, and wearily scans Paragus and Broly power level using her scouter. SummerFlux noted that the numbers seemed to arrive on her scouter in a regular, almost deliberate fashion. This made SummerFlux take pause and wonder if they might have meaning. They counted each shift in numbers, discovering a pattern and that their "translations" matched up with the number spoken.

SummerFlux initially had difficulty cracking the translation for the alien alphabet, until noticing a red flash on a scientist's scanner when they attempted to scan Broly's power level as a baby.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Scientist Power Level Check

Given the context, SummerFlux assumed this was an error message for Broly's immeasurable power, and assumed it read as 'error' as well. The remaining alphabet letters were deciphered by cross-referencing letters known and story context.

The Reddit post features several successful scouter translations, completed with the new language key in mind. Unfortunately, F, J, Q, V, X, Z weren't used at any point in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. We'll have to wait for new Dragon Ball Super content to be released before we can finish the scouter language and integrate it into our friend groups.

Many Reddit users praised SummerFlux, commenting on the post with a photo that reads "good work" in the newly translated scouter font.

Scouters first appeared in Dragon Ball Z when Goku's brother, Raditz arrived on earth. Raditz used his scouter to measure his sibling's power level. SummerFlux attempted to apply his translation key to old Dragon Ball Z episodes. The old episodes don't seem to use the same language seen in the film, nor any form of organization, rather they act randomly to imply something impressive is happening.

SummerFlux's discovery is impressive nevertheless.

Are you going to rewatch Dragon Ball Super: Broly with the language key at your side? Let us know in the comments below.

This article was updated on 4/19 to include the letter "U," which SummerFlux discovered after we posted this article.