'Dragon Quest XI' Post-game Guide: How to Strengthen Your Party For the Ultimate Challenge

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age has a hefty post-game section that's as long as many standalone games. You can uncover more details about the story and characters, or snag some outrageously powerful weapons and armor. But unlike the main section of the game, you won't benefit from consistent guidance about what to do next. Our guide will point you toward the optional quests and content that will get your companions fighting fit for the conclusion of their journey.

If you haven't completed the Tower of Darkness yet, be warned that there are SPOILERS ahead for Dragon Quest XI. We strongly advise that you don't read any further until you've seen the credits roll. (If you're not certain you've reached the post-game, your save files should have a yellow star next to them.)

Zwaarsrust Ruins

Head to the ruins west from Warrior's Rest Inn. Remember that door blocked by the strange purple seal? Now's your chance to finally see what's in there: Drustan's Labyrinth. Make your way to the landmark resembling the Ancient Library to arrive at Trial Isle. You'll find some Watchers there, including a Perfectionist Pearl vendor and an item shop with some solid equipment and forging materials.

There are also three trials to face, which must be done in order: Trial of the Disciple, Trial of the Sage and Trial of the Luminary. Each will involve traversing various souped-up versions of maps and dungeons you've already visited, like the First Forest and the Eerie Eyrie. These trial areas are great for grinding levels, and there's lots of rare materials to find, so don't rush through. You'll come across statues to restore HP and MP periodically.

At the end of the first trial, you'll face a challenging baddie, who you must defeat in 25 turns or less. The second trial is similar, but you'll get 30 turns to best the boss at the end. In the third trial, you'll need to defeat your foe in 40 turns. Each time you win and meet the conditions, Drustan will grant you one wish from the options shown below. Pick what you like, but definitely get the weapon.

"Dragon Quest XI" takes players on an epic journey through the realm of Eredea. Square Enix


Once you've reclaimed Lorelei's Harp (via the main story), speak to Queen Marina, who informs you a monster named Bathysfear is menacing her underwater kingdom. She'll direct you to the remote island north-east of Zwaardsrust. The quickest way to get there is by using Zoom to go to Lonalulu - Sea, then sailing around the coast and north to the small island with a dock. But don't disembark. From the boat, heal your party members, including MP if needed, and equip any Ice/Water protective items you may have kicking around your inventory. From there, continue sailing toward the tiny round island you'll spy in the distance.

As you approach, the Harp will begin to play of its own accord and Bathysfear will attack. Use Serena's Hymn of Ice to lessen some of the damage and blast him with lightning or fire attacks. Return to Nautica after sending this creep to a watery grave to claim the Sea Queen's Conch. This item will allow you to contact Queen Marina from anywhere in the world, and she'll give you three prompts for possible missions to handle during this section of the game.

Gemma will ask the hero to help out their hometown. Completing her requests combines several sidequests into one. Square Enix


Gemma is hard at work attempting to restore the hero's hometown to its former glory. She'll give you a three-part request: find guards, a merchant and a mascot. Each of these is a separate sidequest in its own right, which we'll break down below. These can be done in any order (the second is probably the easiest to start with). Talk to Gemma once you've done all three for a special item.

  • Guards: Head to the church orphanage in Octagonia, where you'll learn something's afoot with the MMA competitors you met earlier in the game. You'll have to fight a challenging two-stage battle here, first against five opponents, then against one more opponent. Once that's taken care of, two familiar faces will head to Cobblestone to man the entrance to the village.
  • Merchant: Head to Derk's shop in the ritzy part of Heliodor; his wife will say he's gone missing. Head up Cobblestone Tor to rescue Derk from a baddie, and he'll decide to rejoin the rebuilding effort. He'll open a store there too, but the wares aren't anything special at this point in the game.
  • Mascot: It's the big-jawed Jotun you took down during the whole ice witch affair! But before you head to back to the forest, talk to the scholar in the hall of Sniflheim Castle, then head back to the Ancient Library (boo) to find a book on the ground floor that tells you the beast must be felled with Zap magic. Then head to The Hekswood and defeat him, being sure the final blow comes from Zap magic.
Rab's former mentor in Angri-la will lend her aid in the late hours of "Dragon Quest XI." Square Enix


A monk on the first floor of the temple asks you to find three books in Sniflheim's Ancient Library. (You may recall there were several books the protagonist was unable to understand the first time around.) Once you've seen all three, you'll get a prompt to return to Angri-La. Completing this quest will boost Rab's Magical Might and Magical Mending stats by 50 points each, so it's worth the schlep back to this annoying puzzle dungeon.

You'll also be able to train with Rab's former instructor, Grand Master Pang, at the Field of Discipline at the top of the temple. Participating in the five trials of the Wheel of Harma will allow you to earn new weapons, armor and recipes. As in Drustan's Labyrinth, part of the challenge is to defeat enemies with a set number of moves. For these challenges, you'll also be limited in the number of party members you can use for each fight.

Erik and Mia's Hideout

Gold fever won't be sweeping through Sniflheim in this alternate timeline, but you should still stop by your thieving pal's old stomping grounds up in the wintry northwest. Zoom to Viking's Hideout and head north out of the cave. Interact with the gold relic there and watch the cutscene for a rare accessory only Erik can wear.

Dundrasil Ruins

Visit Warrior's Rest Inn, where you'll again hear reports of dreams about a ghost knight. Head to the ruins of Dundrasil and navigate the short sewer dungeon (accessible through the well next to the talking slime) to take on the demon who's been tormenting your dear departed dad's immortal soul. This time around, you'll snag some spiffy new equips for your protagonist as a reward.

Hotto and Mt. Hotto

You'll need to address the problem of the Red Dragon again, but things will play out rather differently this time. Speak to Miko at the temple, then head to Mt. Huji to help Ryu.


The lovely city of canals has been overrun with monsters! Speak to a cowering Noah at the entrance, who will tell you 10 beasts are scattered throughout the city, just waiting for a taste of your sword. These guys aren't too tough, but be sure you don't leave town before defeating all of them, or they'll reset.

Haven's Above

An NPC on the north-east island of Haven's Above offers to improve Serena's harp if you defeat a baddie in The Battleground. Zoom to the campground there, then head down to the ninth floor. Use the Ultimate Key (found in Haven's Above) to open the metal door, where you'll see the Crystalotl. Be warned, he's a tough customer.

Puerto Valor

Don Rodrigo will direct you to The Kingsbarrow to defeat two golden giants and snag a legendary weapon. Sylvando and Hendrik must defeat each one with a Pep Move known as The Executioner. To access the move, Sylv needs to know Metal Slash (Sword) and Hendrik must know Hatchet Man (Axe).

Son and Da DQXI Post-game guide
After you take care of the new problem in Phnom Nonh, you'll get some goodies as a reward. Square Enix

Phnom Nonh

Near the church, you'll find Da and Son, who claim a monster has taken children into the ruins, and the town has been overrun with boogie fever. Interact with the mural and navigate your way through the maze to find a creeper a the end.


Speak to Queen Frysabel in the throne room, then head out of the city. Defeat the flying dragon near the frozen fjord, southeast of the Snaerfelt steppe, then return to the queen for a reward.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is out now for PlayStation 4.