What Is Drake's Obsession With Emojis, Pray Tell?

Drake has unveiled his latest extravagant purchase and it's a little unusual.

The "Hotline Bling" rapper took to his Instagram Story to share a luxury chain made up of emojis encrusted in precious stones.

It includes an array of emojis such as a broken heart, bandaged heart, flower, skull, money bag, eyes, owl, and many more all made up of color-coordinated precious gems like rubies and sapphires.

One emoji on the chain that provoked a swathe of reactions was the eggplant.

While to some the emoji will simply represent the literal food, it has been used online to reference male genitalia.

One Twitter user wrote: "Dude got the eggplant emoji is Drake even a real person." [sic]

Another added: "Drake really woke up one day and said 'yeah lemme cop the icy eggplant emoji for my chain.'"

Dude got the eggplant emoji is Drake even a real person https://t.co/xzD2QXkl8Q

— Mason Drury (@masondrury23) November 1, 2021

It was made by NYC Luxury who shared the process of crafting the chain on Instagram and wrote in the caption: "@champagnepapi thank you for trusting us with the project wasn't easy but I think we killed it." [sic]

Another prominent emoji featured next to the eggplant is of a pregnant woman.

Drake's most recent album Certified Lover Boy was released with artwork by Damien Hirst featuring 12 pregnant emojis with different skin shades.

At the time of its release many speculated that the cover art was a reference to Drake's own virility though many of the songs explore the 35-year-old's relationship with his son, Adonis, and feelings on fatherhood.

The album also dropped nine months after it was originally supposed to be released, back in January 2021, and was finally made available on Labor Day, adding further fuel to the idea of his parenting his new album.

It's not known how much the chain cost but it seemed Drake had reason to celebrate as Certified Lover Boy once again reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

It's the fifth non-consecutive week he's held the position.

Drake also celebrated his birthday last week and was gifted more pricey jewelry.

Rapper and collaborator Young Thug commissioned jeweler Elliot Eliantte to create a diamond-encrusted cuban chain with an OVO - Drake's brand - logo pendant with a photo of him and Adonis on the other side.

The chain's lock even came with "Adonis" spelled out in yellow stones. He also received an owl pendant from Jas Prince, credited as one of the first to discover the artist when he was posting his music to MySpace, and the Rolls-Royce Phantom he used to rent from Future.

Drake previously confessed to leasing the luxury car and driving around in it to convince people he would make it some day.

Drake appears at a rap battle.
Drake speaks onstage during Drake's Till Death Do Us Part rap battle. His newest emoji chain has sparked a wave of reactions online. Amy Sussman/Getty Images