Drake Wants to Rap about 'Fortnite,' but There's a Catch

Drake wants to release a Fortnite jam, but needs something from Epic Games first. On a repeat visit back to Ninja's Twitch stream, the rapper said he's considered adding a little Fortnite to his next album and his producer Murda Beatz has already sampled some sound effects. But he says in order to make a Fortnite jam, Drake needs Epic to add the classic "Hotline Bling" dance as an emote in the game. No viewing records were broken this time, but it's hard to get 600,000 viewers to watch Drake twice.

Newsweek has reached out to Epic Games for comment. Epic told Kotaku that they had no comment on the situation.

The makers of Fortnite are currently running a contest where fans have a chance to get their dance added as an emote by sharing submissions with #Boogiedown on Twitter. There have to be dozens of "Hotline Bling" arm swings shared, so I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to the game.

Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that extends past long-established cultural barriers. For years, games and other forms of media were kept at arms length from each other, rarely mixing or vibing together. With the rise of Twitch and live streaming, every celebrity in the public eye has a chance to show what they do in their spare time. When I was a kid, celebrities' private lives could only be seen through the lens of a paparazzi and their camera. Now, you can see your favorite musicians and artists play the games that you and your friends enjoy in real time.

Drake Wants to Rap about 'Fortnite,' but There's a Catch | Gaming