Drew Brees or Tom Brady, Who's The Best? Social Media Sounds Off Monday After Brees Sets New Record

The clock hadn't fully wound down during the Monday night game of the New Orleans Saints' 34-7 thrashing of the Indianapolis Colts before football fans argued as to who is better: Tom Brady or Drew Brees.

Social media debated for recipient of the title GOAT—Greatest Of All Time.

In some senses, it could be easy to argue. Tom Brady has six Super Bowl wins in nine appearances. In other circles, there are regular-season stats. Brees has completed the most passes in NFL history, thrown for the most yards, has a higher passer rating and the best completion percentage of all-time.

Brees' completion rate was not hurt on Monday night as he connected on 29-of-30 passes for 96 percent—another NFL record for a single game.

Brady was among the first to congratulate Brees on social media when Brady tweeted this:

Congrats drew!! Couldn’t be more deserving. Passing Peyton in anything is an incredible achievement and your records will be tough to beat! But it’s worth trying 😉

— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) December 17, 2019

Here is what social media said Monday night on Twitter.

"The argument for greatest QB of this era really only applies to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. Anyone vouching for Aaron Rodgers needs to take a lap."

The argument for greatest QB of this era really only applies to Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. Anyone vouching for Aaron Rodgers needs to take a lap.

— Chris Rosvoglou (@RosvoglouReport) December 17, 2019

Drew Brees really is the goat. Don’t come at me wirh “Tom Brady?!!!” either. Dude’s played on better teams with better players his entire career and Brees is still number 1 in passing yards and TDs and has had the best completion % for 3 seasons in a row.

— captain spaulding (@CoheedKiIgannon) December 17, 2019

Drew Brees is statistically better than Tom Brady. Idc what anyone says. https://t.co/pplVjJbpUY

— Kaleb (@KalebHawkes1) December 17, 2019

Tom Brady has played for better teams, but Drew Brees is a better overall QB.

— Marc Breaux (@marcbreaux) December 17, 2019

There were plenty of people watching Drew Brees break Peyton Manning’s record for most career touchdown passes Monday night. Including #Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. https://t.co/kH3MIT3g8T

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) December 17, 2019

Brees entered the night two touchdown passes shy of Manning's 539 total. Tom Brady of the New England Patriots stands pat at 538, and will likely surpass Manning next week and jockey alongside Brees for the top mark until they retire.

Brees accomplished the feat against the team most-notably guided by Manning for more than a decade. Brees defeated Manning and the Colts in the Super Bowl 10 seasons ago in Miami, which ironically, is the site of this season's Super Bowl.

The Saints are 11-3 after their win Monday, tied with three other teams in the NFC. This means the Saints need to keep winning in order to stay in the race for the NFC's best record, which would mean home-field advantage through the NFC playoffs. New Orleans will get at least one home game in the playoffs as they clinched the NFC South on Thanksgiving Day.

Just to compare Brady and Brees on statistical data, here are some points. These are the other major passing records, and the top five in each (active duty in BOLD):

Touchdown Passes

541 — Drew Brees

539 — Payton Manning

538 — Tom Brady

508 — Brett Favre

420 — Dan Marino

Passes Completed

6,972 — Drew Brees

6,335 — Tom Brady

6,300 — Brett Favre

6,125 — Peyton Manning

4,967 — Dan Marino

Pass Attempts

10,169 — Brett Favre

10,063 — Drew Brees

9,926 — Tom Brady

9,380 — Peyton Manning

8,358 — Dan Marino

Passing Yards

76,577 — Drew Brees

74,079 — Tom Brady

71,940 — Peyton Manning

71,838 — Brett Favre

61,361 — Dan Marino

Passer Rating

102.9 — Aaron Rodgers

101.4 — Russell WIlson

98.0 — Drew Brees

97.1 — Kirk Cousins

97.1 — Tony Romo

Completion Percentage

67.5 — Drew Brees

67.0 — Kirk Cousins

66.0 — Chad Pennington

65.9 — Dak Prescott

65.5 — Kurt Warner

Tom Brady and Drew Brees
Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots and Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints talk after the game at Gillette Stadium on October 13, 2013 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.The New England Patriots defeated the New Orleans Saints 30-27. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images