Drinking Too Much Alcohol: The Booziest States, Ranked

What state parties hardest? You might think California, or maybe New York—but it turns out North Dakota drinks the most alcohol.

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Financial news site 24/7 WallStreet reviewed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to rank which states had the heaviest drinkers. Binge drinking includes at least four drinks for women and five for men in a single instance. Women who drink at least eight alcoholic beverages per week and men who consume at least 15 are considered heavy drinkers.

They found that nearly 25 percent of adults drink excessively in North Dakota.The state also has a high percentage of alcohol-related driving deaths at 46.7 percent.

People in Tennessee appear to have the healthiest relationship with alcohol as only 11.2 percent drink excessively. Despite the lower incidence of alcohol-related accidents, which is at 28 percent, the Volunteer State does have a high rate of premature deaths. According to 24/7 Wall Street, 436 out of 100,000 people die before reaching 75, making it the eighth highest premature death rate in the nation.

It's a given that drinking—especially in excess—isn't good for us. But long-term heavy drinking can raise blood pressure, heart disease and cancer risk. In November 2017, the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) issued a warning statement saying that even light or moderate drinking increases your risk of developing many cancers, including breast, colon and oral.

Below is the full list of the booziest states, ranked from least to most:

50. Tennessee

49. West Virginia

48. Utah

47. Alabama

46. Mississippi

45. New Mexico

44. Oklahoma

43. North Carolina

42. Arkansas

41. Idaho

40. Maryland

39. Nevada

38. Arizona

37. Kentucky

36. South Carolina

35. Delaware

34. Indiana

33. Georgia

32. Kansas

31. Texas

30. Virginia

29. Florida

28. Wyoming

27. New Jersey

26. Missouri

25. South Dakota

24. Washington

23. Rhode Island

22. California

21. Pennsylvania

20. New York

19. New Hampshire

18. Connecticut

17. Louisiana

16. Oregon

15. Colorado

14. Ohio

13. Massachusetts

12. Vermont

11. Maine

10. Michigan

9. Nebraska

8. Hawaii

7. Iowa

6. Minnesota

5. Illinois

4. Montana

3. Alaska

2. Wisconsin

1. North Dakota