Drive-Thru Worker Throws Drink at Customer in Video Viewed Over 5.5M Times

A video that shows the moment a drive-thru employee threw a drink at a customer has gone viral.

The video, which was captured on the restaurant's security cameras, was posted to TikTok last month by D'Mario (@dmario98). The post generated more than 5.5 million views and over 554,000 likes while serving as another example of the "disrespect" restaurant employees frequently endure from customers.

The footage in D'Mario's video is split into two screens. The footage in the top half came from the camera inside the restaurant and shows the employee—presumably, D'Mario—working at the window. Meanwhile, the footage from the bottom half was taken from the establishment's exterior camera and shows a car sitting at the window with two customers inside.

At the beginning of the video, viewers can see that the customers are engaged in a heated conversation with D'Mario. After a few seconds, the car's passenger grabs a drink and chucks it into the restaurant, narrowly missing D'Mario.

Immediately, D'Mario takes a separate drink and throws it into the car before slamming the drive-thru window shut. In the bottom half of the screen, viewers can see the drink land on the driver's lap.

It's not clear what the customers were arguing with D'Mario about. Newsweek reached out to D'Mario for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

D'Mario isn't the first restaurant employee to be mistreated by a customer, especially in recent months. Nation's Restaurant News (NRN) said that a Snagajob-Black Box survey from October found that "62 percent of restaurant employees reported suffering emotional abuse and disrespect from customers."

The survey also revealed that 15 percent of restaurant workers left the industry within the year leading up to October 2021, and 33 percent reported wanting to leave the industry, Insider added.

In fact, Axios previously reported that the current restaurant worker shortage is largely due to "customer behavior."

"This is simply not acceptable. We can't allow our employees to suffer this type of abuse at the hands of our customers," said Black Box's chief revenue officer Greg Kingen, according to NRN.

Considering everything restaurant employees have faced in recent months, commenters were quick to praise D'Mario for "matching" the customers' energy.

"Yes people normalize matching that energy. Don't let these customers disrespect you," wrote Katrina McClain.

"We need to normalize treating customers the way they treat us. I love this!" exclaimed another TikTok user.

Fleeky Friday Cosmetics added: "Give him a promotion."

A video that shows the moment a drive-thru employee threw a drink at a customer has gone viral. The clip sparked discussion about the poor treatment of food industry workers. DragonImages/istock