Driver Wedges His Girlfriend's $78,000 Maserati Under Freeway After 100MPH Chase

A man totaled his girlfriend's Maserati SUV after leading California Highway Patrol (CHP) on a 100 MPH chase before crashing into the underside of a freeway, according to officers.

Oakland CHP said the high-speed encounter happened when an officer tried to stop the driver of a Maserati SUV for speeding.

The vehicle accelerated away, with the officer in pursuit.

After a short chase, the car left the freeway and careered up an embankment. It then smashed into the underside of the freeway, on 580 westbound in Oakland near the exit for West Street.

Images shared on the Oakland CHP Instagram account showed the wrecked SUV with its hood firmly wedged between the embankment and the underside of the freeway.

The CHP said the 32-year-old driver survived the crash and was taken to hospital. It added that he will be facing charges for reckless evading.

No other people were in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

The CHP Oakland statement, shared on Instagram, read: "Taking the term 'flying home' a bit too far.

"This morning, a CHP Oakland officer attempted to make a speed stop of a Maserati SUV. The Maserati accelerated to over 100 MPH and a pursuit ensued.

"Shortly after, Maserati excited the freeway, drove up an embankment and collided with the underside of the freeway. The driver was taken into custody without incident."

It continued: "The driver was transported to the hospital for a complaint of pain and will be facing charges for reckless evading. The driver is lucky to be alive. The owner of the Maserati...not so lucky."

An investigation into the crash, which happened on Monday, is underway.

It is unclear what injuries the driver sustained.

Newsweek has contacted the CHP for further comment.

The Associated Press and SFGATE reported that the car belonged to the driver's girlfriend.

In comments reported by the Associated Press, officer David Arias, a CHP spokesman, said: "It was a miracle he didn't get more injuries because the whole area where his head would have been caved in. He must have ducked or something."

SFGATE reported officer Arias added: "It was a short-lived pursuit. He didn't make it far before he exited and as soon as he exited, instead of going straight, he veered left, went off the ramp and then went up the embankment and collided with the underside of the freeway."

The vehicle appears to be a Maserati Levante. According to Maserati's website, the cost of this model starts at $78,290.

The SUV was compltely totaled
The SUV was completely totaled after crashing following the chase. California Highway Patrol