'Karen' Infuriatingly Struggles to Figure Out Car Wash in Viral Video

Car washes are meant to make life a little easier for drivers, but on this occasion, it did the polar opposite. TikTok user @poisoned_hearts shared a video of a woman, who he described as a "Karen," finding the task of putting her car in neutral beforehand difficult.

Erik was behind the driver in the queue for the car wash and swiftly whipped his phone out to document the frustrating situation, as the woman was repeatedly told to stop driving and braking by the attendant.

"He's told her three times. Put it in neutral, put your foot off the pedals and hands off, and she keeps trying to drive in there," he said in the video.

"He's explained it and we're going to try again," he narrated. "Come on Karen."

Once more, the driver was unable to do it and instead attempted to put on the brakes of the car, to the amusement of Erik behind the camera.

"She's trying to drive in it," he added while laughing, as the car pushed forward towards the entrance of the car wash. "This is so good," he said.

The car wash worker approached the car at the window again and instructed her on how to enter the car wash properly for the fifth time. It would seem fifth time's a charm, as the worker finally nodded at her and walked away with the car successfully beginning the car wash.

As confirmed in later comments left by Erik, the woman may have finally got past the first hurdle, but she didn't end up completing the wash and instead drove off, completely skipping the dry part.

"She totally jumped off the track at the end by driving off too early," he wrote.

The video can also be seen in full here.

Although being a bad driver might be a frustrating ordeal, it doesn't necessarily equate to being a "Karen," but Erik confirmed that there was a perfectly good reason for the name. According to him, the woman had been shouting at the attendant before he started filming, adamant that she didn't need instructions on how to work the car wash.

"I started recording because she was yelling at the attendant that she didn't need to be told how to do this," he wrote.

With over 800,000 views, the video and driving it captured has unsurprisingly led to mass frustration from viewers. "This ignited a rage so deep in me," wrote one user.

"I used to work at a car wash. Some people shouldn't have licenses," added another.

Others, however, sat on the other side of the fence, defending the driver's inability to put the car in neutral with possible theories as to why.

"That's a new Honda push button drive selector...there's a process to put it in neutral she doesn't know how," commented one user.

"Ngl, i'm this person at a car wash. My car is so hard to put in neutral it takes me a few tries while they are yelling at me," related another.

Some suggested that the driver may not have been manually braking and driving the car, but instead unknowingly had the car in "brake hold"—a Honda feature for when driving on an incline, in which the brakes are automatically put on every time it stops, but it can still be driven.

Newsweek has contacted Erik for comment.

Car driving though a car wash
Stock image of a car wash. Getty Images