Dwight Lamon Jones: Everything We Know About Arizona Serial Killer Suspect And His Connection to Victims

Links between the suspect believed to have been involved in a series of killings that happened in Arizona over the course of several days and the victims are becoming more apparent.

Many of the victims had a connection in one way or another to the suspect, Dwight Lamon James, who died Monday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He and his ex-wife Connie Jones were apparently involved in a drawn-out divorce and many of those who were killed were connected to the alleged murderer that way.

Connie Jones released a statement in which she said her now husband, a retired Phoenix police detective, saw a connection between the killings and her divorce with Dwight Lamon Jones. Her now-husband contacted the Phoenix Police Saturday night, the statement said, while she also contacted the Scottsdale Police Department Sunday morning.

Reward money stemming from the tips Connie Jones and her husband submitted will be donated to the families of the victims as well as to Chrysalis, a non-profit for victims of domestic violence, the statement said. Police confirmed Monday during the press conference that both Connie Jones and her child were unharmed.

"I have feared for my safety for the past nine years," her statement said.

Police said Monday that there was ballistic and DNA evidence that linked Dwight Lamon Jones to the cases and that he was observed disposing of a weapon that even belong to one of the victims.

How Dwight Lamon Jones is connected to each of his alleged victims:

  • Jones was the suspect in the killing of Steven Pitt that occurred Thursday. In a press conference Monday, police said Pitt evaluated Jones as part of the Jones divorce case. Pitt was the forensic investigator who worked on the infamous JonBenét Ramsey case, along with the Columbine shooting massacre.
  • Two paralegals, Veleria Sharp and Laura Anderson, were shot and killed at work in the Scottsdale office of Burt, Feldman and Grenier. Elizabeth Feldman, a partner at the firm, was the lawyer for Connie Jones for her divorce from the suspect, according to court records. A statement posted to the law firm's website Tuesday said: "Our hearts are heavy for their families at this time. We are assisting the Scottsdale Police Department as they work to solve this horrible murder. We thank everyone for their concern and ask that you give us and their families privacy as we mourn these losses."
  • The fourth victim in the slayings was Marshall Levine, a psychologist and counselor who was killed Saturday. Police confirmed during Monday's press conference that Levine was working out of an office where Dwight and Connie Jones' son saw a doctor during the divorce case.
  • Two victims killed in their Fountain Hills home were found in the early hours of Monday morning just after midnight. They were identified Monday as Mary Simmons, 70, and Bryon Thomas, 72, the San Diego Tribune reported. Their possible connection to the suspect was unclear Tuesday. Police observing Dwight Lamon Jones saw him dispose of a pistol that belonged to Thomas, The Washington Post reported.
extended stay
A photo from Google Maps of the Extended Stay hotel in Scottsdale, where police were closing in on a suspect in the killings Monday morning. Google Maps