Tennessee Mall Stuck in 'Time Warp' Compared to Scenes From the 1990s

We all wish we could go back in time to fonder memories of our childhood, taking a walk down memory lane. Well, walking through this mall is as close as it's going to get.

A viral video has amazed online after it captured a Tennessee mall seemingly stuck in the '90s, with the instantly recognizable storefronts straight from a time machine.

With over 1.5 million views, the mall triggered flashbacks to a simpler time, all to the tune of "Perfect Day," a y2k romcom classic.

"POV: Your mall is a blast from the plast," wrote TikTok user @glamourea10 on-screen, while showing what she sees while strolling through her local mall.

The walk featured a Claire's and Bath & Body Works, completely frozen in time, with the store fronts unchanged in decades. From the semi-muted colors to the stylized fonts, there was nothing modern about it.


brb on my way to get some hair glitter and art stuff 💖 #early2000s

♬ original sound - sophia

The video can also be viewed here.

"Omfg. That place is a time warp. Is there a combo DQ/Orange Julius?" wrote one user.

"The old stores just hit different," added another.

For most viewers of the video, the Bath & Body Works was an igniter of memories with its wood and gingham print aesthetic.

Dubbed the "Heartland Era" by Bath & Body Works devotees, the brand developed a country, heartland theme in 1991, reportedly in response to a lawsuit from The Body Shop for appearing too similar. Stores were styled to look like a country marketplace with wooden barrels and products similarly had a country theme.

After 2002, the store began to head in a different aesthetic direction and by 2008, it had completely changed to the blue and white gingham look they still have today. For some places though, like this now-viral mall, it's still the 1990s every single day.

"The old Bath and Body Works was way superior," commented one TikTok user.

Another user noted that the retro display "warms my heart and makes me feel so safe and cozy."

The mall captured in the viral video is in fact the Dyersburg Mall in Tennessee, which many claimed in the comments wasn't so action packed. Of the recognizable names, the mall boasts Bath & Body Works, Applebee's, Claire's, JoAnn Fabrics and Burke's Outlet, while many others are smaller stores.

In June 2020, J.C. Penney and Gordmans both announced closures at the mall, leaving the mall seeking anchor stores to replace the prime spaces. In 2021, they managed to find a replacement in the form of Ollie's Bargain Outlet, according to State Gazette.

This video isn't the first time interesting storefronts have gone viral on TikTok either. In June 2021, a "Goth CVS" received views in the million for its stand-out appearance. The store is built with gothic architecture, yet boasts a bright red CVS logo.

"Goth CVS" was in fact an East Los Angeles store location, which prior to becoming a CVS store in 2012, was the Golden Gate Theater, built in 1927.

The building was derelict and out-of-use before being converted into the chain store. But CVS kept many of the features, including high ceilings, swinging glass theater doors and images of the theater in its heyday.

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