'Dynasty' Season 3 Netflix Release Date: When is the New Season on Netflix?

Season 3 of the Dynasty reboot was released on The CW on Friday, October 11, but in certain countries including the U.S., the new season does not have a Netflix release date until next year. Fans outside of America, however, may get episodes of the campy comedy-drama on Netflix very soon. Read on to find out when Dynasty Season 3 will be on Netflix in your country.

When is Dynasty Season 3 on Netflix?

In the U.S., Netflix has a deal with The CW that means that all of its shows that had their first season before 2019 will go onto the streaming service eight days after their season finale airs.

This includes Dynasty, meaning that Season 3 will be on Netflix just over a week after the season ends. Both previous seasons of the show have ended in May, so expect Season 3 to have a Netflix release date in May 2020 or the first week of June if, like the other two seasons, the new one has 22 episodes. On October 29, The CW revealed to Newsweek that the international release would be on the same date as in the U.S.

dynasty season 3 netflix release date
Promo poster for "Dynasty" Season 3, which has a U.S. Netflix release date in 2020. Netflix

Prior to Season 3, all countries outside of the U.S., Netflix has first-run rights, meaning that episodes of Dynasty come to Netflix the day after they first air on The CW, with new episodes released at one-minute past midnight Pacific time on Saturdays.

However, Netflix France this week revealed that the series will be released all at once onto the platform. They tweeted: "We will broadcast all episodes at once, next year." The release date has not been confirmed yet, but it is likely to be the same day as the U.S. release. Other countries may not follow suit with this, but at time of writing (October 12) they have not released the premiere episode of Season 3 yet.

In all countries, however, Dynasty fans can watch all of the first two seasons on Netflix now.

dynasty season 3 netflix
Grant Show and Daniella Alonso in "Dynasty" Season 3. The CW

U.S. fans who want to watch Dynasty Season 3 online, however, do have another option. Shortly after airing, each episode is made available to watch on The CW website and app for free. However, fans have to be quick, as only the previous five episodes are available at any one time.

This arrangement is the case all CW shows that premiered before 2019, including not only Dynasty but also hits like Riverdale, The Flash and Arrow. However, newer shows like Batwoman and the upcoming Katy Keene will not go on Netflix. In their case, all episodes of the show will be available on The CW website and app until their season finales air, at which point most of them are going to new streaming service HBO Max with the exception of Nancy Drew, which is airing on CBS All Access.

On October 16, Sam Jones actor Rafael de la Fuente took to Instagram to allay fans' concerns. He wrote: "International fans of #Dynasty, I am so sorry about the confusion regarding the availability of the episode on Netflix. Truth is, we haven't been formally informed (none of us, not the actors, producers, creators, etc.) about what is happening. There is talk that the season might be uploaded all at once when it finishes airing here in the US on The CW because the show apparently does better when people can binge it."

Dynasty Season 3 is coming soon to Netflix

UPDATE: This article was updated on October 12 to include the tweet from Netflix France, on October 21 to include Rafael de la Fuente's Instagram post and on October 29 when The CW revealed the international release date would be the same as the American one.