E3 2018: Microsoft Announces 'The Division 2' Release Date, Setting, Factions and More

Microsoft officially announced The Division 2 during its E3 2018 press conference after months of speculation, sharing a new introductory trailer and disclosing information about the game's release date, setting, factions and more.

The Division 2 is scheduled for a March 15, 2018 release date. It appears Ubisoft has learned its lessons about waiting too long between a game's announcement and its launch date; fans had to wait almost three years before they were able to play The Division , while The Division 2 is less than a year away.

The Division 2 takes place in Washington, D.C. Microsoft's trailer for The Division 2 makes reference to numerous D.C. landmarks, including the National Mall, the Pentagon, the White House and more, as well as calling back to the Civil War and the War of Independence.

It appears players will get their chance to do battle in places like the Washington Monument, as well as in the underground bunkers where the city's military and political class retreated. One mission appears to be set around the remains of Air Force One.

Unlike The Division, which was set in a grim New York City winter, the setting of The Division 2 takes place six months after the first game, during the summer. In The Division 's internal timeline, that means it's been seven months since the outbreak of the virus that caused America's downfall.

The Division had several key factions, from the Rioters, who were just normal civilians taking advantage of the disaster, to the Last Man Battalion, a rogue private military company. The Rikers, escapees from notorious Riker's Island, and the Cleaners, blue-collar workers who used their high-powered equipment to destroy the infected, were also notable factions. The reveal trailer for The Division 2 appears to indicate that we'll be seeing factions again, since an NPC references "those True Sons assholes." Other factions may be lurking under the bunkers beneath the Pentagon or within the Capitol.

You can sign up for the Division 2 beta right now over at the game's official website — or at least, "for a chance to play the beta," indicating not everyone who signs up will get the chance to play. There's no release date for the beta yet.

Are you looking forward to The Division 2? What mistakes or omissions from The Division do you hope Ubisoft fixes in the sequel? Are you hoping for changes to the Dark Zone, additional PvP modes, more DLC content or more expansive PvP? Feel free to let us know in the comments

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