TikTok Echo Effect Goes Viral As People Share Cinematic 'Core Memories'

TikTok's latest trend sees creators take a wholesome approach, sharing the heartwarming moments in their life that make up their "core memories."

The trend sees users share touching moments caught on video, paired with beautiful sounds, making what could be a movie scene. Videos have been both breaking and warming hearts online as users share some of their most precious and important moments in life to the world.

TikTokers pair the footage with the theme song from Disney-Pixar movie Inside Out, which also happens to be the originator of the term "core memory." An echo sound effect, simply named Echo on TikTok, is also added to the audio, awarding it a dream-like quality and appearing like a montage scene from a Hollywood film.

The sound has over 200,000 videos on the app, but some popular ones utilize other piano tracks than the Inside Out soundtrack too. #CoreMemories has over 650 million views on TikTok at the time of publication.

What Is a Core Memory?

Fans of the movie Inside Out will immediately recognize the term "core memory" as an important part of the film. Released in 2015, the movie tells the story of the emotions in Riley as she experiences moving to San Francisco and its coinciding feelings.

Core memories are an important type of memory stored in each person—ones that are created during vital experiences that go on to dictate the person's personality or behavioral traits.

"Each one came from a super important moment in Riley's life, like when she first scored a goal. That was so amazing! And each core memory powers a different aspect of Riley's personality. Like Hockey Island," explained Joy in the opening narration of the movie.

Core memories in the film are far more important than regular ones and are stored in a special container in the center of the headquarters, lighting up their respective Island of Personality.

The TikTok "Core Memories" Trend

TikTokers have amassed views in the millions after sharing some of their most beautiful memories.

College student London, for example, gained over 4 millions views with the moment she discovered she'd made it into her dream school while working a shift at a fast food restaurant. "Mom, I'm going to cry. Did I get in?" she asked her mom while jumping up and down, her voice beginning to break. After receiving the news, she ran into the back, met with cheers from her fellow employees.

"This is probably one of my favorite ones," commented one impressed user on the video which can be viewed here.

Preslie Brown shared a video of her playing in fall leaves with her grandpa as a child, passing the camera over to him before jumping into a pile of leaves.

The video, which can be watched here, earned over 400,000 views as users rushed to express how it pulled on their heart strings. "We'll I'm crying now so thanks," wrote one user.


my most favorite core memory with my sweet gpa 🥺🤍 #corememories #myangel #missthis

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One video posted to TikTok even showed the core memory of a puppy, showing it sporting a bridesmaid dress and seeing her owner in a wedding dress for the first time.

Adorably, the puppy sat on the veil wagging her tail. "I don't know if it's a core memory for me or her, but seeing each other in our dresses for the first time sure was a good one," wrote @dabzndawgz in the caption of the video with over 3.3 million views. The video can be seen here.


I’ll never get over this 🥺😭 #corememories

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Another user, @noemiliar, shared a moment she wanted to keep forever. "Look, this is so that years from now, you're off to college, we can remember when you used to snuggle in daddy's one shoulder. You could fit in this pocket here," she said.

The video, which can be seen here, showed the dad snuggling with their newborn baby, to the sound of the Inside Out music.


Our baby is one week old today and I wish we could stop time but we’re cherishing every moment 👶🏽❤️🥲

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