Most hours of the working day, Anne Underwood can be found busily toiling away in her NEWSWEEK office, surrounded by Post-it notes and a half-eaten lunch. But every so often, she takes time out to calm herself by lighting a candle, turning on her multicolored mood lamp and listening to recordings of Tibetan gongs and Native American flutes. Chicago correspondent Karen Springen recharges by walking several miles every day and taking bike rides with her young daughters. On a yearlong Knight Fellowship at Stanford several years ago, Claudia Kalb took a course on "mindfulness-based stress reduction"--a meditation technique based on detaching from thoughts of the past and future and focusing on the here and now--and today she still breaks for "mindful moments" whenever deadline anxiety gets to be too much.

These three veteran NEWSWEEK health reporters are all putting into personal practice what they document in this week's cover story: science now shows more conclusively than ever that emo-tional well-being can contribute to better physical health, and vice versa. With the help of Anthony Komaroff, M.D., Herbert Benson, M.D., and their colleagues from Harvard Medical School, we explore the evidence of the mind-body connection in treating everything from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, menopause and the "sensitive gut." In the second installment of our interactive Health for Life M.D. feature, Dr. Alice D. Domar answers some of more than 100 questions submitted by our readers on And all week long, the Discovery Channel will feature reports on our mind-body findings in its "Daily Rounds" segment.

With most polls continuing to show John Kerry still trailing the presidential race, Richard Wolffe and Susannah Meadows report on the new strategy of the challenger's rescue squad of advisers: bet the farm on slamming President Bush for the human, economic and strategiccost of the war in Iraq. Keith Naughton explains why the best TV stunt of the week--Oprah Winfrey's giveaway of 276 Pontiacs on her season premiere--heralds a new era of Hollywood-like marketing in the auto industry and beyond. Johnnie L. Roberts details tensions within the Sony alliance that won a bidding war for MGM. And Sean Smith previews the latest offering from the creators of "South Park": "Team America," an outrageous take on the war on terror starring a crack squad of... puppets.