Edward Snowden Forms Improbable Partnership With Jean-Michel Jarre

edward snowden Jean Michel Jarre Exit music
Jean-Michel Jarre (left) and Edward Snowden have collaborated on a techno track for Jarre's latest album. CC

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has made an unlikely foray into the world of electronic music following a collaboration with Jean-Michel Jarre.

The duo recorded a techno track for Jarre's upcoming album, Electronica Vol.2: The Heart of Noise, using samples of Snowden speaking about technology and privacy.

"I wrote a speedy techno track evoking the constant and hectic production of data and the obsessive quest for more information," Jarre said. "I then linked the music with this mad hunt and chase in order to get hold of people like Edward Snowden.

"Edward Snowden became a modern hero, not by saying 'stop,' but to be careful regarding the use of technology. Our future needs brave people like him."

Jarre—who is often referred to as the Godfather of electronic music, alongside a handful of other acts such as Germany's Kraftwerk—first got in contact with Snowden after being interviewed by The Guardian last year. The U.K. newspaper, who first published Snowden's revelations about government surveillance in 2013.

Following the release of the album, Jarre is planning a European tour running from June to December.

The title of the track, Exit, was thought up by Snowden, who said it relates to the direction society can choose to go in following the NSA revelations.

"You have a choice and 'Exit,' whether it's used as a noun or a verb, it is something which we pursue," Snowden said. "It's something where we direct ourselves. It's about an action which may change everything from where we are to another direction, a departure to somewhere else."