Eggbert, the Cat Born With One Eye and a Nostril, Finds His Forever Home

A cat with only one eye and one nostril that stole hearts online has thankfully found his forever home.

After photos were shared on Facebook on Wednesday, Eggbert the cat found fame while searching for adoption from the Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio.

The extra special feline that staff have called "an absolute angel of a kitty," was born with a missing eye and nostril, but still has a huge lust for life.

Staff at the Fairfield Area Humane Society said two-year-old Eggbert loved headbutts, having his chin scratched, and following you around.

Newsweek shared Eggbert's plea for a new family on Friday, and on Saturday the humane society shared the happy update on its Facebook page.

"Superstar Eggbert is off to his forever home," said the post. "His new family have another FAHS [Fairfield Area Humane Society] alumni kitty at home, so we know Eggy is in the best hands. He couldn't have found a better home! He is going to be loved and spoiled rotten. Thank you for choosing adoption again."

Commenters on the Facebook post were thrilled by the news. One user wrote: "Awesome news. This sweet kitten going to a loving home," while another said: "This just made my day!! Enjoy your newest family member."

"Oh that's terrific! What a darling he is!! Thank you so much for opening your home to this boy! Warms my heart," said one follower of the society, and "Good for Eggy! Thank you for adopting," said another.

Adopted by Holly Starr from Ohio, Eggbert is going to live with another very special cat. Starr told Newsweek: "We have one other cat called Lark that also has a missing eye and was also adopted from the Fairfield Humane Society. I've always had a special place in my heart for the animals with special needs, I want to make sure they have a loving home where they get all the attention they can handle."

In a later post, Fairfield Area Humane Society shared its excitement for Eggbert's new-found fame, and its hopes for all pets waiting for homes: "We are so glad to see so many families open to adopting a special needs pet."

"We often have special needs pets who are looking for a loving forever home, so we hope some of this attention could go to them."

Other owners of special needs kitties also shared their experiences. One commenter wrote: "We have adopted special needs kitties and they have turned out to be the best pets!"

Starr said: "For anyone thinking about adopting a special needs animal, I say do it. They are amazing and they don't know they are different. They want love and a safe loving home like all other animals.

"I never see them as special needs. I see them as beautiful animals."

Sharing the love for Eggbert the special cat, one follower of the humane society said: "Lucky Eggbert. He's heading to his adoption 'furever' home! Kitty might be missing an eye and one nostril but look at his big smile—beaming from ear to ear! Handsome fellow."

Eggbert and family
Eggbert the cat and his new family. A cat that caught the hearts of the internet has found his forever home. Fairfield Area Humane Society