El Salvador MS-13 Member Raped Girl, 11, in Her Brooklyn Bedroom

A suspected MS-13 gang member was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly broke into a New York City house and raped an 11-year-old girl.

Julio C. Ayala, 18, was captured by authorities on Saturday and charged with rape, burglary, criminal sex act, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, according to the criminal complaint against him. After he appeared in Brooklyn Criminal Court, he was held on bail for $500,000.

Police sources say Ayala is from El Salvador and is affiliated with MS-13, reported The New York Times. According to the criminal complaint, Ayala was found with a forged green card and Social Security card when he was captured by authorities.

The arrest came after Ayala allegedly broke into a second-floor Brooklyn bedroom through a window on Wednesday at around 11.30 p.m. and raped the sleeping 11-year-old girl inside.

The suspect escaped out the same window through which he entered after the girl's screams woke her family. After the incident, the girl was transported to hospital and released after treatment, authorities said.

The police, who failed to capture Ayala on the evening of the attack, released two surveillance videos on Saturday hoping the public could assist in identifying and locating the suspect. In the footage, a young man can be seen pulling a sweatshirt over his top while walking in the area shortly after the attack. A citizen called the police with information on Ayala within hours after the videos were shared.

At around 2.30 p.m. on Saturday, Ayala escaped from his apartment via a window as officers came to arrest him. Half an hour later authorities barricaded Flatbush Avenue as Ayala fled to a construction site on the street, where he was later captured, said police spokesperson Sgt. Lee Jones.

Mike Picereli, 54, watched the commotion from inside a nearby pizza shop where he worked. "A lot of police, a lot of special forces. Nobody got hurt, but you know how it is when things happen, people get together," he said, reported The Times. "People were yelling, saying, 'Put him behind the bars. That guy, never let go.'"

Assistant district attorney Victoria Nunez said that Ayala had confessed to detectives that he was in the bedroom but claimed that he's "never done anything like that before."

Ayala's next court date is scheduled for September 7. Public defender Anna Boksenbaum—who is representing the teenager—said he lives in Brooklyn with his two cousins, aunt and uncle.