'Elder Scrolls 6' News: Longtime Series Composer Confirms He's Still Not On Project

Jeremy Soule, who's been the composer for the last three Elder Scrolls games, announced on Facebook that Bethesda has not approached him to score Elder Scrolls 6 . The musician/composer who's created most of the memorable music from Oblivion, Morrowind and Skyrim , wrote on his personal page that "I am currently not involved with TES VI."

"While I've not said much about this out of courtesy to Bethesda, I would never turn my back on TES , and I believe that my involvement would hinge on a creative decision on their part and where they want to take the franchise," Soule wrote on his page. In the comments, he elaborated on his statement, saying that " TES V I is still a long ways out" and "my non-involvement at this stage isn't necessarily an indicator of anything foreboding." His point wasn't to cause any drama, but was tired of answering "no comment" when asked about the series.

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series were delighted at E3 when Bethesda announced the sixth title in the franchise. Since Skyrim released in 2011, Bethesda has chosen to port the title to every single console or voice-activated device that can run the saga of the Dragonborn. For those tired of Skyrim, there's Elder Scrolls: Online, which misses out on the mods and single player experience that makes the ES games so immersive. There's also Elder Scrolls Blades, a mobile game which squeezes the Elder Scrolls experience inside a freemium coffin.

We still don't know anything about Elder Scrolls 6, which is why some believe that we won't see the game on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. "The easiest thing is look at how it was announced; it was Starfield and then (Elder Scrolls 6)," Zenimax Online Game Studios director Matt Firor told Gamespot at PAX Australia 2018. "You can go back and count the years between Bethesda Game Studios releases, and you'll get the idea that (The Elder Scrolls 6 is) not coming anytime soon."

I'd rather Bethesda spend their time creating something magical than push something out that's not polished. Fallout 76 was a disappointment to most and Bethesda does not want to replicate that fan response. The more time ES 6 spends in the oven, the more likely it is to be an enjoyable experience. Soule may not be involved yet simply because development hasn't reached a stage requiring his involvement. Bethesda knows fans have been waiting for something new and amazing and are (hopefully) willing to put in the work needed to give us what we want.