Elderly Grandparents Beat Young Men at Beer Pong in Hilarious Video

You are never too old to party, or to smash young people at their own drinking games.

Don't believe us? Well, take a look at this TikTok video of a pair of seniors beating their grandson and his friends at a game of beer pong.

In the video, posted to the video-sharing app by user Ross Smith, known online as @rosssmith, a group can be seen playing beer pong on a balcony.

In the footage, young men are standing around a table when an elderly woman, wearing a yellow floral sundress, throws a table tennis ball into a red disposable cup.

The group looks surprised, and then next the grandfather, wearing a mint green shirt and white pants, steps up for his turn.

He also chucks a table tennis ball into another red cup, causing the whole party to erupt into cheers.

One man throws his drink in the air in surprise, and then hugs the elderly gentleman.

The grandmother puts her hands in the air and dances from side to side, as a Snoop Dogg song is played.

Another smaller man appears to be so excited that he runs in and throws the beer-filled cups from the table.

The video is captioned: "When your grandparents party harder than you."


When your grandparents party harder then you 😱

♬ original sound - Ross Smith

The fun-filled clip was posted on May 24, and has since been viewed more than 5.4 million times. It has also received 732,300 likes.

Many rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the footage.

One TikTok user, Gmax, wrote: "Grandma dancing at the end though did it for me!"

Another person, Jonah's ma, added: "This is the strangest mix of party peeps I've ever seen! I want an invite!!"

Darrick Ensey typed: "It's the diversity and inclusion for me!!! Where is my invite?!?!?"

Candy commented: "This is a party I would actually come to!!"

While SUMO1124 also wrote: "The youngins still don't realize that grandma and grandpa were young too. They should only know what went on back in the day."

However, this is not the only video that has recently gone viral showing the elderly to have a lust for life.

A clip recently surfaced online featuring Cuban couple Celina and Filiberto boogying in front of an outdoor stage—putting younger people to shame.

The woman, who is wearing a form-fitting purple dress with a matching long cardigan and sandals, is shaking her hips opposite her partner Filberto, who is wearing suit trousers and a flamboyant gold and purple shirt.

The grandparents are shimmying to the music, and at one point Filberto even gets impressively low, thrusting forward and backward, before leaping up to continue his moves.

Their impressive dancing has been viewed 46.9 million times on TikTok and the video is captioned: "It's Friday and the body knows it."

old couple dancing
A stock image of an elderly couple dancing. In the viral video, two grandparents won against younger men at beer pong. Getty Images