Elderly Man Who Started Bodybuilding in His 60s Now Has Insane Muscles

The internet is filled with all manner of strange and wonderful videos.

Some of them make us cry, others make us laugh, and a rare few have the capacity to inspire our day-to-day lives.

One such clip was recently posted to Instagram on May 31 by @officialhumansofbombay. It showcases a 76-year-old man's incredible fitness journey.

The video is captioned: "The comeback is always greater than the setback!"

Tripat Singh stars in the footage, which shows how incredibly muscular he is for his mature age.

Wearing a turban and vest, the septuagenarian is standing in a park flexing his biceps. He then holds up an old photograph of himself and a woman.

The video's opening text reads: "I'm Tripat and this is my wife, Manjeet. She passed away in 1999, and I was heartbroken without Manjeet.

"I was depressed for years. Our business dissolved. I became a couch potato."

The video then cuts to a montage of the elderly gentleman performing an array of strenuous workouts.

These include deadlifting a heavy weight, weightlifting while hanging upside down and rapidly crossing a set of monkey bars.

Text overlays the footage, revealing: "Manjeet would have been disappointed seeing me quit. So I decided to lift myself up in my 60s! And train harder to face life again!

"Today, I run a successful business! I'm fitter than I ever was! And I feel my wife's spirit and support in everything I do!"

The heartwarming video has gained lots of traction online, having received over 35,714 likes.

Many took to the comments section to offer messages of encouragement to the 76-year-old.

One Instagram user, mrungank2006, wrote: "Wowwwww amazing spirit."

Another person, guaravdabrai, typed: "Damn awesome."

Oorjaapuri07 added: "Such an inspiration."

Miamaba_2896 stated: "Loads of love to you grandpa thank you for this crazy motivation."

Whereas sonokshi_khosla commented: "Such an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing this!"

Fitwitheshilpa wrote: "Hats off to your positive mindset sir..."

This is not the only video that has recently gone viral showing the elderly to have a lust for life.

A clip recently surfaced online featuring a Cuban couple boogying in front of an outdoor stage.

The woman, who is wearing a purple dress with a matching long cardigan and sandals, is shaking her hips opposite her partner, who is wearing a gold and purple shirt.

Their impressive dance has been viewed 47.9 million times on TikTok and the video is captioned: "It's Friday and the body knows it."

old man wearing a mask
A stock image of an elderly man wearing a mask. In the Instagram video, a 76-year-old man has shared his inspirational fitness journey. Getty Images

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