Elderly Woman Lists Candid Reasons Why She Loves Being Old in Viral Video

An elderly woman sharing her candid take on the "fabulous" things about being an old lady has gone viral on TikTok.

SJ Mendelson, a 73-year-old actress and comedian, has won over hearts on the social media app as straight-talking Bubbie SJ, a grandma figure who calls her 300,000 followers "the Bitch Squad".

Bubbie SJ delights her "Bitch Squad" with videos about being old, as well as stories about her youth, but one video, in particular, has her followers cracking up.

Outspoken Bubbie SJ told her followers a few personal reasons why she loves being an old lady in a video posted earlier this month, that has since amassed nearly a million views.

In the video, Bubbie SJ said: "I thought I would discuss some things that are fabulous for women as we get older. So we don't have our period every month—I hope I can say that—and your hair doesn't grow as fast, which I love.

"Not on my head, my nails are fine, but you know, my legs, especially under my arms, I have no hair anymore. The only place I do have hair is you know what I mean, my hooha. Not as much though, thank god. So I'm just loving that."

She then adds: "Let me see what else can I tell you about getting old. Nothing, cause I love getting old! I love being a sober old lady, I'm a sober old bitch," singing, "I love it bitches! Love you all, bye!"

Bubbie SJ told Newsweek her inspiration behind the video and said: "People are always doubting [seniors]. I love being 73, what else am I going to be, honey?

"It's the truth, what else am I going to say? Am I gonna cry over it? Pull the dirt over me, or what?"

In another video, Bubbie SJ listed the reasons why she loves being in her 70s, telling her TikTok followers: "Let's talk about what it's like to be in your 70s, just in case you want to know, as I shared the other day as an older woman. It's fabulous.

"So I got social security which I love, it's like my play money, and I pay off some of my credit cards with that. I can afford to do a lot of things I wasn't able to do when I was young, like get my hair done once a week or my nails, my toes.

"I go to the chiropractor, get coffee whenever I want, so being in your 70s is pretty cool, for this old lady. So that's what I'm just saying."

The response to her videos has been "unbelievable," says SJ, adding, "people are sending me messages "oh my god I'm getting older, now I'm not so upset.

"People are embracing me, they're embracing this old broad from Brooklyn."

She hopes that anyone watching her TikTok videos will take away the following message: "It's okay to be old, or older. Enjoy your age and don't worry about it. What's the alternative?"

Bubbie SJ
Bubbie SJ delights her 300,000 TikTok followers with videos about being an old lady. SJ Mendelson