Elderly Woman Hurls Racist Abuse at Man Over Children's Chalk Drawings

An elderly woman was captured on camera hurling racist abuse at an Asian American man after a dispute over his children's sidewalk chalk drawings.

Alex Wong posted a three-minute cellphone video of the incident on YouTube that showed the woman and her husband in his garage in Garden Grove, California.

"You son of a b*****," the woman is heard telling Wong at the start of the video as her husband tries to get her to leave. "You want to tell your kids to stop it... and where's your wife? She's a nice person, she talks nice."

After Wong repeatedly asked the couple to leave, the woman turns around and says: "Tell your kids to stop it or else I'm gonna…"

She then asks Wong: "Do you live here?"

"Sir, take your wife home, man. I'm serious," Wong is heard saying to her husband.

But still, the woman refuses to leave and re-enters the garage and places a hand on Wong's car.

Then, despite his warnings to get her hand off his vehicle, she moves forward and places her palm all over his his car.

After Wong informs her that he would be posting the video online, the woman fires profanities at Wong and uses a racial epithet.

"Oh, you're a son of a b****," she says. "I don't think you live here because I saw… you have slanted eyes."

Wong replies: "Slanted eyes? Wow, that's racist. Wow. Slanted eyes."

The woman then tells Wong he has "nice kids," to which he replies: "Well apparently they're not nice when they're just coloring chalk on the sidewalk."

When Wong asks her why the drawings bother her, she tells him it looks like "s***."

"Oh so I have nice kids but their drawing looks like s***?" he says.

Wong later adds: "The entire neighborhood has zero problem with it except you. You've had a problem with me since I moved in here."

The woman replies: "No. We saw a guy that didn't have slanted eyes that moved in here."

At this point, Wong again urges the man to take his wife home.

When the woman comes back inside again, Wong says: "Get the hell out of my house! Sir, last chance before I pepper spray her!"

The video ends at that point, but in a post alongside it on Facebook, Wong said he grabbed a knife when the couple ignored his repeated warnings to leave.

"I finally stopped what I was doing and got my garage knife and activated the blade," he wrote. "The husband saw the blade in full extension and I ask them to leave again and finally he escorted her out. He kept saying something is wrong with me, no bro, something is wrong with you."

Wong told CBS Los Angeles that he didn't want to have to resort to that, adding: "I'm still struggling with the fact that I had to reach for, what in essence is a weapon, to point at somebody and say leave my house."

Wong said that when the woman approached him, she was yelling racial slurs and he was clipped into a stationary bike and unable to move away.

It was only after she kicked his fan that he unclipped himself from the bike and grabbed his knife and the couple left, he said.

"It was scary because not only was she physically able to push me at one point, as you get closer and closer, but it was like, I didn't want her to spit. I don't know where she's been," he said.

The woman in the video refused to speak to CBS Los Angeles, but her husband said Wong had misinterpreted her comments as racist. "My wife is not like that at all," he said.

But on Facebook, Wong noted that the couple, who he didn't identify, "Only say hello to my wife and my mother in law because they are both white."

He added: "First you came in to my garage uninvited, then you call me "squinted eyes". I keep asking you to leave and you didn't. If the role was reversed, I probably would have gotten shot already."

Wong told Newsweek that after the incident made headlines, police officers "saw the news story and actually paid a visit to our house."

He said: "The officer was very kind and told us what our options were. We decided to document the event in their system so that it is flagged under our address. If there is a second incident, they will have the history and she will be arrested on the spot."

The Garden Grove Police Department have been contacted for additional comment.

This article has been updated with comments from Wong.

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Stock photo. An elderly woman was filmed hurling racial slurs at a man after a dispute over his children's chalk drawings. Getty

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