On Election Anniversary, Hillary Clinton Mocks Her Presidential Bid, Takes Credit for Rising Chardonnay Sales: 'They Said I Couldn't Create Jobs'

Surprise. On the first anniversary of the 2016 presidential election—and her stinging defeat—Hillary Clinton dropped by NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers to poke fun at her political prowess.

Clinton joined Meyers and two of his staff writers, Amber and Jenny, to crack jokes that it would be politically incorrect for Meyers to tell himself.

Meyers lobbed the setup for each joke and Clinton delivered on the punchline—mocking criticism of her shortcomings while running for president.

“According to a recent article, Chardonnay is making a comeback,” Meyers began. Clinton responded, “And they said I wouldn’t be able to create jobs,” seemingly jabbing her loss to President Donald Trump for driving her to drink more.

Clinton previously said that while writing her recent memoir, What Happened, and getting over the election, she “drank my fair share of Chardonnay.”

Next, Meyers said: “The retractable roof on Atlanta’s NFL stadium is not working properly.” Clinton deadpanned, “Oh, well, at least that ceiling’s broken,” again referencing her election defeat.

Finally, Meyers said: “According to a recent report, koalas may be extinct by the year 2040.” Clinton responded: “And according to Fox News, that’s my fault.”

Hillary Clinton on Seth Meyers Hillary Clinton on Seth Meyers NBC/YouTube

Clinton’s pitstop on Late Night follows visits to CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Comedy Central’s Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

In her interview with Colbert, Clinton accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a manspreader. “There’s an expression, we certainly know it in New York, called manspreading. Every time I met with him...it would be [legs sprawled out]. The whole deal,” she said.

And last week, speaking to Noah, Clinton said that she’s returning to politics—though as an advocate for causes she believes in—now that she is over losing the election. “I’m not going anywhere. I walked in the woods, that was enough. I’m done with that. I’m back,” Clinton said.