Elementary School Teacher Out of Job After Leaving THC Edibles in Prize Box for Students

A South Carolina elementary school teacher is out of her job after allegedly leaving THC edibles in a prize box for students.

The Lexington County Sheriff's Department identified the teacher as 27-year-old Victoria F. Weiss and said that she has been charged with possession of a Schedule 1 drug.

On Friday, the Lexington County School District One issued a statement saying that as of October 13, Weiss was no longer employed by Rocky Creek Elementary School.

According to Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon, authorities first became aware of the incident on September 23, after receiving reports from a Rocky Creek student who accidentally took a package of marijuana edibles "out of a box full of candy" that Weiss used to reward students.

An incident report provided to Newsweek said that Weiss purchased a bag of mixed candy from a local Dollar General store to place inside the prize box. The report stated that two students were told to take a prize from the box and one student took a package of gummy candies labeled "Stoney Patch Kids" that resembled a package of Sour Patch Kids.

"Detectives confirmed during interviews that Weiss took the pack of edibles from the student and told him to pick something else from the box. The student went back to the box and happened to grab another pack of edibles," Koon said in a release.

The incident report states that the student who took the package of THC edibles went to an after-school day care and asked his day care teacher to help him open the package.

"The day care teacher noticed that it was not Sour Patch Kids," the incident report said. "It was 'Stoney Patch Kids' gummies that looked deceptively like Sour Patch Kids gummies and it had little marijuana leaves on it."

According to the report, the day care teacher was informed by the student that he received the marijuana edibles from his teacher, prompting the day care teacher to inform the school about the incident. The day care teacher did not open the package and no students ate any of the marijuana candy, according to police.

The sheriff's office said that after learning of the incident, they executed a search warrant at Weiss' residence and discovered another pack of marijuana edibles "similar to those the student picked from the box in Weiss' classroom."

"The safety of our students is our top priority," Lexington County School District One Superintendent Dr. Greg Little said in a statement.

"It is unacceptable for a staff member to potentially threaten the well-being of a child. We will continue to work to ensure all of our children have a safe environment to learn and grow. Rocky Creek Elementary has a sterling reputation which will not be tarnished by the actions of one person."

Newsweek was directed to the statement after reaching out to Lexington County School District One for further comment.

According to the sheriff's office, Weiss turned herself in to authorities on Friday. She has since been released from the Lexington County Detention Center on a personal recognizance bond, the sheriff's office said.

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