Adorable Video Shows Elephant Wake up Friend so She Can Take a Nap

A video shared by a wildlife sanctuary shows a rescued Asian elephant waking her friend up from a nap, so that they can swap places.

According to a Facebook post shared by the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, the elephants, called Chana and Kabu, are "inseparable."

The footage shared by the park shows Chana having a nap. She slept for two hours as Kabu kept a watchful eye over her.

After standing with a watchful eye over Chana who slept for about two hours, Kabu became tired and also wanted to sleep. See how Kabu waken the young...

Further into the video, Kabu can be seen gently nudging Chana, who at first seems reluctant to wake up.

Kabu continues to push Chana until she wakes and begins to stand up. Kabu then lies down and begins to sleep, while Chana pats her gently with her trunk.

The park wrote in the Facebook post: "Such is the socially independent society of elephants. There is such a beauty about them."

Before Kabu was rescued and taken to the park in September 2015, she was kept captive and used to carry logs.

At two years old, a log rolled out of control and struck Kabu, breaking her front left wrist, which healed badly and left her disabled. Since Kabu had to use her right front leg to carry her weight, it grew deformed.

Despite this, she was still forced to carry and pull logs, as well as subjected to forced breeding.

Kabu had two babies, neither of which she was allowed to keep. One was a bull, who died soon after birth, and the other a female, who was sold into the elephant show industry.

Keeping elephants for logging activities in Thailand has been banned for years, however it still happens in parts of the country.

Chana arrived at the park in January 2019, after being kept chained by her previous owner.

She also had suffered an accident meaning that she couldn't walk properly.

The park said that when Chana arrived, she "fulfilled Kabu's life"—Kabu grew to "adore" the younger elephant, and the two quickly became inseparable.

More recently, the two elephants accepted another elephant into their close-knit friendship. Blind elephant Ploy Thong arrived at the park after being forced to carry tourists. Because she was unable to see, the park said that she "desperately" needed friends to help her.

After carefully introducing the elephant to Kabu and Chana in the summer of 2021, they eventually welcomed her into their friendship.

Elephants are well known for their intelligence and social complexity. According to the California-based elephant protection campaign group, Elephant Voices, special relationship's between individual elephants "may last a lifetime."

Asian elephant
A stock photo show's Asian elephants in Thailand. Elephants are incredibly social creatures, and form strong bonds with each other. Lauren DeCicca/Getty Images