Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck, a co-host of "The View," has started a baby blog. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh:

Did you get the idea to blog from a certain former co-worker?
No. Every artist loves their own format. I certainly didn't think this was mine.

Are you and Rosie talking?
We e-mail back and forth on a limited scale.

Does your son support Hillary?
That was a joke I made. Senator Clinton sent Taylor a personalized note after his birth, which was very nice. I jokingly said she has his vote.

Why did you take only six weeks of maternity leave?
I can't leave that table too long. Are you kidding me? How would my side ever get told?

They told me you're very busy.
I have a million errands. I have to get a workout in. I'm dreading it right now because I sat down, and once I sit down, the inertia sets in. Do you want to run an errand?

What can I do?
I need 1 percent milk. And can you get me some gluten-free cookies? The bad thing is when I'm at the grocery store, my eyes are bigger than my ability to carry it all home.

Thank you for not being mean.
It's bizarre. People are, like, she must be witchy. I think it's the liberal bias in the media that I'm the one who's argumentative.