London's Crossrail Will Be Named 'Elizabeth Line'

29/02/2012_Queen Elizabeth II
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, February 29, 2012. The monarch is to be honored with the naming of a new London train line. Eddie Mulholland/Reuters

London's newest train line is be called the Elizabeth Line, in honor of the U.K.'s current monarch Queen Elizabeth II.

Previously known as Crossrail, the £15 billion ($21 billion) project will carry 200 million passengers a year from the town of Reading and Heathrow Airport to the west of London right across the British capital and out to the nearby areas of Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. The full route will open in 2018, according to London's Evening Standard newspaper.

The new name has drawn a mixed response. Here's what people are saying on Twitter:

The Independent's political sketchwriter isn't happy:

Why not name it after, I dunno, anyone who has ever actually used public transport?

— Tom Peck (@tompeck) February 23, 2016

Ukip's candidate for London mayor has an absolute zinger:

Quite rightly Crossrail has chosen to honour our monarch in the 64th year of her reign, by naming the forthcoming line in her honour.

— Peter Whittle AM (@prwhittle) February 23, 2016

We can only hope that the rail line proves to be as dependable in terms of standards and timing as the remarkable woman it is named after.

— Peter Whittle AM (@prwhittle) February 23, 2016

A right republican laugh:

Presumably when making the decision to name it the Elizabeth line, the main consideration was how much they both cost to maintain.

— Tiahowler Jon Von Biltawülf (@Biltawulf) February 23, 2016

Shout out to comedian John O'Farrell's poor, principled friend:

Seems like my diehard lefty friend who boycotted the Jubilee Line won't be able to use Crossrail "The Elizabeth Line" either.

— John O'Farrell (@mrjohnofarrell) February 23, 2016

That's one way to keep things running:

Fair enough:

It’s too hard to say “The Elizabeth Line”, I’m just going to call it the ‘Lizbay Whizzway”

— Prawn of the Dead (@PrawnAgain) February 23, 2016