Elizabeth Warren Drops the Mic as Trump Rally Wallows in Anger

While President Donald Trump held a vulgarity-laced rally in Minneapolis, the new Democratic frontrunner, or "co-frontrunner," Senator Elizabeth Warren took home the moment of the night during a televised LGBTQ forum.

Asked about how she would answer a potential voter asking about marriage "between one man and one woman," Warren's careful attention to progressives, plus her wit and delivery, showed why she is increasingly the Democratic candidate to beat.

Her response? "Well, I'm going to assume it's a guy who said that. And I'm going to say, then just marry one woman. I'm cool with that."


"Assuming you can find one."

The delivery here makes this even funnier pic.twitter.com/Edywcie5Yf

— jordan (@JordanUhl) October 11, 2019

It was the line of the evening, and for those not watching the telecast, it stole thunder from South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg. The first openly gay candidate for president, this sort of forum is his perfect opportunity to bring his personal experiences to the forefront and capture voters' attention.

He did just that at a LGBTQ forum in September, telling the confronting story of hosting his town's mayoral blood drive and then realizing, as a gay man, "I can't be part of it." But last night, Buttigieg's strongest moment was really just a retelling of this story.

While he did have tender moments talking about living in the closet and his "inner Civil War" about his identity, it was a missed opportunity to grab headlines and social media eyeballs. Though, even if he did have a standout moment, it's doubtful it could have overshadowed Warren's mic drop.

Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren speaks during a campaign stop at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia on May 16, 2019. Warren drew praise for her performance at a LGBTQ forum on October 10. MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty

But the whole situation was a stark contrast to President Donald Trump's wild first rally on Thursday night, in Minnesota, since the impeachment inquiry was announced. There was anger everywhere.

At the end of the night, the Prince Estate came with receipts, saying the Trump campaign broke its promise to not use Prince's music at rallies by playing "Purple Rain" in the 19,000-seat Target Center. Outside, protesters swelled and clashed with Trump supporters with police using pepper spray at one point.

On the back of a no good, very bad week, the president had spent most of his 90 minutes off-script, attacking anything he could think of during his first rally since the impeachment inquiry was announced. He repeated conspiracy theories about Representative Ilhan Omar as images of her flashed from the screens, referred to himself as a "son of a b*itch" and called Hunter Biden a "loser."

But, despite Trump saying things like former Vice President Joe Biden "understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass," it was his son Eric that first grabbed our attention. (Eric being Donald's third child and the executive vice president of the Trump Organization that has countless international licensing deals and is currently scoping out several more.)

"Maybe 'Lock her up' goes to 'Lock him up', I don't know," he coaxed the audience from the stage, and shouts of "Lock him up" began to ring out through the crowd.

The irony of targeting the son of a White House occupant for making money in foreign markets still seems to escape the Trump family, but at least they have a new slogan for the crowds.