Elizabeth Warren Targets Nancy Pelosi in Bid to Avoid Midterm Losses

Senator Elizabeth Warren took aim at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in a new essay urging Democrats to make progress on what she described as a "stalled" agenda ahead of the upcoming midterm elections.

In the essay, which was published Monday by The New York Times, Warren listed rooting out corruption among government officials as one Democratic priority in need of progress. The Massachusetts lawmaker did not refer to Pelosi by name but mentioned the "Democratic speaker of the House" while calling for members of Congress and their spouses to be prohibited from owning or trading individual stocks.

"Whether you're a Republican senator or the Democratic speaker of the House, it is obvious to the American people that they should not be allowed to trade individual stocks and then vote on laws that affect those companies," Warren wrote in the essay. "I have the strongest plan and the only bipartisan bill in the Senate to get it done."

The midterm elections in November are shaping up to be a key moment for both parties as Democrats seek to maintain their majority in Congress and Republicans aim to claim that advantage for themselves. Pelosi has come under scrutiny for her husband's stock trading, but she expressed support in February for banning members of Congress from owning and trading individual stocks.

Apart from targeting corruption, the other priorities Warren mentioned included easing the impact of high prices on American families and finalizing a budget reconciliation deal.

Elizabeth Warren Remarks
Senator Elizabeth Warren urged Democrats to make progress on what she described as a "stalled" agenda ahead of the upcoming midterm elections. Above, Warren attends a Senate Armed Services hearing on Capitol Hill March 15 in Washington, D.C. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Warren said that "Republican senators and broken institutions" have blocked much of the progress the Democrats have promised to voters, and now the GOP is "betting that a stalled Biden agenda won't give Democrats enough to run on in the midterm elections."

She conceded that the Republicans may be correct, and said that while Democrats have made some progress through infrastructure investments and the successful confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, "we promised more."

Warren called on Democrats to leverage all of the time they have left before the midterm elections to make progress on the party agenda.

"Democrats win elections when we show we understand the painful economic realities facing American families and convince voters we will deliver meaningful change. To put it bluntly: if we fail to use the months remaining before the elections to deliver on more of our agenda, Democrats are headed toward big losses in the midterms," she wrote.

Newsweek reached out to representatives for Warren and Pelosi for comment.