Elizabeth Warren Says Trump Supporters 'Are Getting Really Nervous' After Protester Heckles Rally

Elizabeth Warren said Trump supporters were "getting really nervous" and told supporters to stop chanting "lock him up" as a pro-Trump protestor heckled a rally in Nevada.

The Democratic primary candidate was speaking to backers in Carson City, Nevada, on Wednesday when a man in sunglasses appeared on a gallery above her and started heckling the crowd.

Warren supporters started chanting "lock him up" at the man as he paced the gallery holding up a "Keep America Great!" placard, a clip published by Mediaite shows.

Their chant mimicked the "lock her up" chant Donald Trump supporters directed at Hillary Clinton in the run up to the 2016 presidential election.

But the Massachusetts Senator quieted her supporters on Wednesday, waving away their chant and repeatedly saying: "No, no, no."

When the crowd had quietened down, she said: "There's a lot we need to do, and I understand that Donald Trump and his supporters are getting really nervous. And they have a good reason to be."

Supporters gave her comments a standing ovation as the pro-Trump protestor was escorted away.

"We're not here just to worry about Donald Trump. We're here to talk about a positive vision for how we build an America that works for everybody," Warren continued. "And I'll be clear. When I say 'for everyone,' I mean everyone including Donald Trump supporters."

The heckler at Warren's Carson City town hall event was not the only protest the senator faced on her trip to Nevada this week.

When the Democratic primary candidate arrived at Reno Tahoe Airport earlier this week, pro-Trump protesters follower her to a car waiting outside.

In a video shared by Nevada GOP Chairman Michael J. McDonald, the pro-Trump activists wearing MAGA hats and holding Trump/Pence placards could be heard shouting "don't impeach" and "stop impeachment" at Warren. They also told the senator to "go home" and called her "Pocahontas," using an insult peddled by Trump mocking her claim that she had Native American heritage.

Warren simply waved at the protesters and got into a car with staffers outside Reno Taheo Aiport.

Authorities said the pro-Trump protesters had not obtained a permit for their demonstration and Renoe Tahoe Aiport said its attorney would be investigating the incident.

Recent polling has given a boost to the Warren campaign, with two polls of the 2020 Democratic primary field putting her ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden.

A California Democratic primary poll released yesterday by the Public Policy Institute of California also put her a point ahead of Biden. But an average of polls by Real Clear Politics still puts the former VP two points ahead of Warren at the front of the primary pack.