Elon Musk's Horse Comment Sets Twitter Ablaze After Claiming Non Tesla Cars Will Be Extinct in 3 Years

Elon Musk suggested driving cars other than a Tesla in three years would be like "owning a horse," but several Twitter users were quick to disagree with the businessman's bold comment.

Musk, 47, shared his ideas for the auto industry's future during the Tesla Autonomy Investor Day in Palo Alto, California, on Monday. At this event, the CEO said he was "very confident" Tesla would be putting robotaxis on the roads sometime in 2020 and the company would have vehicles in the two years without pedals or steering wheels. The comment that has stood out among Twitter users was when he essentially declared cars that aren't Teslas will be obsolete in three years, ultimately equating regular vehicles to horses—an old-timey mode of transportation.

"The fundamental message that consumers should be taking today is that it's financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla," Musk said. "It would be like owning a horse in three years. I mean, fine if you want to own a horse. But you should go into it with that expectation."

Twitter users had a field day with Musk's bold declaration. While some people mocked the entrepreneur with memes, many others shared criticism over Musk's sentiment.

One person argued the auto industry will "shame you into having a self-driving car" by positioning it as "something that is 'only for the rich.' A second Twitter user claimed to "disagree" with Musk by suggesting that "they'll be dangerous" and "people will not want automated cars." A third individual said, "Imagine owning stocks in Tesla and going on Twitter to see Elon Musk talking about f***ing horses."

"Sorry @elonmusk but I love my horse," a Twitter user wrote.

In the future they will shame you into having a self driving car by making it something that is "only for the rich" they will push/guilt you into it.

Elon says "Having a non self driving car in three years will be like owning a horse"

https://t.co/UKU8b5qvqB via @YouTube

— VK ASTROLOGY (@DCnumerology) April 23, 2019

I disagree. People will not want automated cars. They'll be dangerous. I wonder how many foolish deaths will result from it?! Rest assured it will be ridiculous. $TSLA #FOOLISH

Elon Musk: Any other car than Tesla in 3 yrs will be like 'owning a horse' - https://t.co/IguR9EPYYF

— Andrew G. Bernhardt (@AndreGBernhardt) April 23, 2019

I will continue with my horse and die on it before giving one cent of my money to this arrogant inept, who has survived in the private business if not for the monumental government subsidies he has gotten https://t.co/4SnpWJdNQ2

— Minnie (@Minnie_Yaniz) April 23, 2019

Musk last addressed the Tesla-horse comparison via Twitter on April 14. He tweeted out a link to an article from Clear Technica that examined the Tesla Model 3; a luxury electric vehicle. "Buying a car in 2019 that can't upgrade to full self-driving is like buying a horse instead of a car in 1919," he wrote.

Musk is known for making outlandish declarations, making his Tesla-horse comment far from the more bizarre statements he has made. Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX, took to Twitter to suggest how it was odd that humans have yet to spot aliens. "Seems like an opportune moment to bring up the Fermi Paradox, aka 'where are the aliens?' Really odd that we see no sign of them," he tweeted.

Musk casually brought up the topic of aliens once more in June 2016, tweeting: "And, no, I'm not an alien...but I used to be one."

Elon Musks on Not Owning a Tesla
Elon Musk is pictured speaking onstage at Elon Musk Answers Your Questions! during SXSW at ACL Live on March 11, 2018, in Austin, Texas. Diego Donamaria/Getty Images for SXSW