Elon Musk Says He Did See Azealia Banks In His Home Despite Former Denial

Elon Musk
Engineer and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk listens as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel talks about constructing a high- speed transit tunnel at Block 37 during a news conference on June 14 in Chicago. Musk admitted he did see Azealia Banks in his home. Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Elon Musk clarified he saw rapper Azealia Banks at his home after denying her claim. The Tesla executive said he saw her briefly, though the pair didn't talk, in a conversation with the New York Times Tuesday.

"I saw her on Friday morning, for two seconds at about a 30-foot distance as she was leaving the house," Musk said. "I'd just finished working out. She was not within hearing range. I didn't even realize who it was. That's literally the only time I've ever laid eyes on her."

Musk had previously denied Bank's claims of seeing him stressing about work.

The musician had tweeted she witnessed a career-based breakdown from Musk. "Saw him in the kitchen tucking his tail in between his legs scrounging for investors," she tweeted. "He was stressed and red in the face."

Banks was vocal about her extended stay in the Musk house where she was allegedly waiting to make music with Musk's girlfriend, musician Grimes. Banks noted Grimes did not appear at the home.

"I waited around all weekend while grimes coddled her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid," Banks claimed. Musk denied her drug allegations with a simple, "Absolutely not," when asked if he was using drugs by the New York Times.

Banks called her stay in Musk's house a real-life version of movie Get Out. She posted text messages of her alleged communication with Grimes which spoke of Musk's drug use and a fraud investigation.

"He just got into weed because of me and he's super entertained by 420," Grimes apparently wrote to Banks. "When we decided to take the stock private, he calculated it was worth $419. So he rounded up to $420 for a laugh and now the SEC is investigating him for fraud."

Banks used the text message on her Tuesday Instagram story to call Musk a "pathological liar." She continued with a long Instagram story claiming she is not a fan or a liar.

"Azealia Banks may be a lot of things but one thing I'm not is a liar. I'm not going to be made to look like I'm some f****** crazed fan or some other s*** cause I don't really give a f*** about none of these n******."

Musk deleted his Instagram account Tuesday.