Elon Musk Spotted in Tesla Cybertruck at California Restaurant, Knocks Down Cone While Driving Away

Tesla boss Elon Musk was spotted behind the wheel of the Cybertruck over the weekend, showing off the futuristic pickup to a handful of celebrity pals.

Fresh from a court victory, the billionaire CEO was seen driving the Cybertruck from the parking lot of Japanese restaurant Nobu in Los Angeles on Saturday night. The footage, obtained by TMZ, showed the pickup turning heads while it was parked inside the valet area.

After Musk drives from the restaurant with an entourage reportedly including musician Grimes and actor Edward Norton, the hulking truck blasts right into a traffic cone before turning onto a busy road.

Video from the scene that was published by the Daily Mail showed a man wearing a Tesla-branded jacket standing beside the electric pickup, which is not expected to go into production until late 2021.

A number of passersby can be seen snapping photographs of the closely-guarded vehicle.

A Reddit user who uploaded an image of the vehicle from the same night said Tesla's chief designer, Franz von Holzhausen, was also at the restaurant, as noted by Electrek.

"So I saw Elon Musk today at a restaurant called Nobu in Los Angeles today. Guess what he was driving?" the Reddit user wrote in a post that has attracted close to 2,000 comments. It was not the only time the Cybertruck was spotted on California roads over the weekend.

Twitter user Cody Simms shared a photo of the pickup, saying it was seen close to Los Angeles International Airport. On YouTube, a user with the name Roberto Cruz uploaded a video of the Cybertruck with a caption that said it was seen speeding beside cars on Interstate 405.

Cybertruck in the wild near LAX pic.twitter.com/E4FW4KCkgS

— codysimms 🇺🇸 (@codysimms) December 8, 2019

Until now, only one major sighting of the vehicle had been witnessed in the wild. Previously, footage of the truck driving through Hawthorne, California, was posted to Instagram.

It remains unclear if it's the same vehicle in each of the sightings—and how many prototypes of the Cybertruck exist. Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to Tesla, the top-of-the-line version of the Cybertruck will have a range of over 500 miles and can go from 0-60 mph in under three seconds. It will be released in three variants: a $39,900 single-motor rear-wheel drive, a $49,900 dual motor all-wheel drive and a $69,900 tri-motor all-wheel drive. Production is estimated for 2021 or 2022.

The vehicle was unveiled on November 21 and attracted at least 250,000 refundable deposits of $100 each, according to Musk, who has continued to discuss the truck on Twitter.

"Huge thanks to everyone who contributed ideas to Cybertruck. It's better because of you!" he wrote on December 7 while teasing a Tesla all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

"We'll aim to have it [ATV] come out same time as truck," Musk added. "Two seater electric ATV designed to work with Cybertruck will be fun! Electric dirt bikes would be cool too. We won't do road bikes, as too dangerous. I was hit by a truck & almost died on one when I was 17."

Last Friday, Musk won a $190m defamation suit that was filed against him by British cave diver Vern Unsworth, who was previously called "pedo guy" by the billionaire CEO on social media.

Elon Musk Cybertruck
Tesla CEO Elon Musk gestures while introducing the newly unveiled all-electric battery-powered Tesla Cybertruck at Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, California on November 21, 2019. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty