Emotional Father of the Bride Speech Goes Viral—'I'm Crying Like A Baby'

A father of the bride has got people reaching for the tissues after delivering a highly emotional speech at his daughter's wedding.

Good speeches can elevate a wedding from a happy occasion to a magical one. Though there will be some, like the best man, who use their speech as an opportunity to crack a few jokes at the groom's expense, when it comes to the father of the bride, it's about speaking from the heart.

That's exactly what Eric Lane decided to do during his daughter's nuptials.

In a video posted to TikTok by Sea Jay Films, Eric delivered a speech that tugged at the heartstrings and left many watching online bawling their eyes out.

It's little wonder then that the video has subsequently gone viral with 2.4 million views.

"My name is Eric Lane, I am the father of the bride," Eric begins. "For some of you that don't know she [his daughter] had a pretty terrible accident in 2008 during that she spent 8 days in the ICU at Riley Hospital."

"She had a litany of injuries and I'm not going to read them all off but one of them was a broken collar bone that was probably the least thing she had," he continued.

While his daughter was in understandable pain, Eric said he found a unique way, as her dad, to provide some support during this traumatic experience.

"There was also a chest tube that was sticking in her lungs at that time and what we found out was that if old dad would just sit there and put his hand on her heart it relieved enough pressure that she could be comfortable and rest," he explained.

Lane then explained: "So I spent a number of hours just sitting there with my hand on her heart taking the pressure off and allowing the chest tube to not press up against the collarbone."

The father of the bride concluded his message by then turning his attention to the groom whom he addressed directly with an important message. "Chad, it's your turn," he said. "You get to put your hand on her heart."

"I thought it was a very good symbolism for what you get to experience now in that you get to take care of her heart," Eric continued. "You're not going to outlove her and she can't outlove you. The two of you can only love each other."

The video cuts between Eric and his daughter with his adoring words bringing the bride to tears sat alongside her new husband.

She wasn't alone in getting emotional at his speech either, as the comments accompanying the video attest. Farhat Hyder commented: "I'm crying, this speech is so beautiful." Keswick went one step further, writing: "I'm crying like a baby."

Scotty Walters offered a different perspective, commenting: "As a father this kinda stuff just tugs at a man's heart." Resinae Artis, meanwhile, wondered: "How did he make it through that speech!!! That was so beautiful."

Shannon Epperson said the clip showcased the "incredible love between a daddy and a daughter" praising it as "a beautiful message of love" with Chelsea Bourque describing his choice of words as "perfect."

Arguably the highest praise came from Mellissa Ferguson who said: "Best speech I have ever heard. Every man should strive to be that father."

Newsweek has contacted Lane and Sea Jay Films for comment.

According to wedding expert Jen Glantz at Brides it's crucial for the father of the bride to embrace his emotions when delivering his speech.

"Don't feel the need to act stoic and put up a façade. Stay genuine and admit to how difficult it is to let your child go," she writes. "These admissions make for a touching moment, and we guarantee there won't be a dry eye left in the room...today is the day when it's perfectly okay to shed a tear or two."

Of course, wedding speeches can occasionally go wrong. One best man recently landed himself in a whole heap of trouble with the groom after cracking a joke about his first wife.

Then there was the time the former U.S. President Donald Trump took to the stage at a wedding in Mar-a-Lago to deliver a speech that soon saw him reiterating his claims that the 2020 US election was stolen from him.

A father of the bride.
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