Emotional Mother is Greeted by Image of Late Daughter in Delta Airport Ad

Egli Colón Stephens was walking through the airport terminal to board her flight when she was unexpectedly greeted by an image that might seem innocuous to others but took her breath away: an ad campaign featuring her late daughter, Natalia Harris.

The Delta ad featured an image of a smiling Harris look at her phone accompanied by text that read, "This is what 'See you soon' looks like." The ad, said Stephens on Instagram, meant "more now than ever."

Today reports that Harris was a model who was featured in Vogue Knitting and "Project Runway," among many other notable campaigns. She died in May 2020 at 24 years old from a rare kidney cancer called renal medullary carcinoma, a form of cancer that predominantly affects young adults.

Stephens and her husband were traveling from New York to Florida when she first happened upon the Delta ad. According to Today, the couple wasn't necessarily looking for a Delta flight; the pair was simply looking for the best deal they could find. Finding the ad was a twist of fate.

"To find the ad was hit or miss," Stephens told Today. "It was not at every gate or terminal, but seeing it was breathtaking."

The couple posed for photos with the ad which Stephens then shared to her social media. However, this wouldn't be the last time Stephens would see her daughter on the trip.

As they traveled through the gate for their return flight home, Stephens and her husband were again greeted by Harris' ad.

"Look who was ready to welcome us again, before boarding the plane to come back home, after our long getaway," exclaimed Stephens in an Instagram post. "Her two ads for @delta were on our left and on our right, embracing us, as we made our way down the corridor to board."

Stephens continued to see signs of her daughter's presence in New York upon her return, she told her followers. From the blooming of the cherry blossom trees—under which, Stephens shared, Harris hoped to one day be married—to the presence of a cardinal, a bird that Harris once told her mother meant angels were nearby, Stephens couldn't help but feel that her very own angel was near.

"[T]he veil between this realm and the next is so thin," she said in the post. "I'm grateful."

In her interview with Today, Stephens shared: "I thought I had stopped being a mom (when I lost my only child), but I realized I am always going to be a mom, I am just mothering in another realm."

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