Employee Secretly Adding Salt to Her Boss's Water Delights Internet

The hilarious moment a woman pranked her boss at work by adding a little extra ingredient to her drinking water, much to the boss' disgust, has captured viral attention on TikTok.

When Cissy Jones isn't curating social media posts for her job at the clothing brand, Pretty Little Thing, she is often working out new ways to prank her unwitting manager. Jones has posted numerous videos on her TikTok account, @cissyjoness, to show the creative ways she tries to catch her out.

In the latest video, posted on January 12 with an onscreen caption that reads, "Putting salt in my manager's water and leaving it on her desk," Jones' manager can be seen drinking the water from the bottle before spitting it out all over her desk.

It seems that many people appreciate the hilarity of this office environment as the video has already been viewed 412,000 times and has more than 10,000 likes at the time of writing.

Unfortunately not all work environments are this enthusiastic, as a 2017 poll by Randstad showed that many employees feel negatively about their managers. Only 53 percent of the survey's participants felt valued by their boss, and just 35 percent said they feel inspired by their boss at work.

Even if Jones's boss wasn't grateful for the unexpected prank, she might still have something to thank her for nonetheless. Registered dietitian Bridget MacDonald told Newsweek that putting a small amount of salt in drinking water can be good for the body, especially after a particularly grueling workout.

MacDonald said: "Putting a small amount of salt in your water can actually be beneficial after heavy exercise. This can help bring the electrolytes in your body back into balance after heavy sweating. Hydration drinks such as Gatorade contain sodium for this reason."

Although, let's hope Jones doesn't make a regular habit out of seasoning the drinking water because too much salt can have adverse effects, as MacDonald says that a high salt intake can lead to seizures or even a coma if the body's electrolytes are out of balance.

Co-worker pranks boss with salt in drink
A stock image showing a woman laughing at work, and another showing a woman drinking water. A TikTok video went viral showing a woman pranking her boss with salt in her water, much to the boss' displeasure. pondsaksit / AntonioGuillem/Getty Images

"Even a few teaspoons of salt can cause damage in an adult, with several tablespoons being lethal. Most people would stop drinking water with that much salt because it just wouldn't taste good," she added.

After Jones caught her manager out with the salt in her drink, and subsequently by putting stickers all over her back without her realizing, the Pretty Little Thing manager needs to keep her guard up while she's at work to save herself from more humiliation.

For now it seems that Jones's manager can see the funny side in the pranks, as she commented on the TikTok video laughing about her staffer's antics, as she wrote: "Hahahahaha I very nearly did throw up."

The workplace prank seems to have inspired many fellow TikTok users who are now tempted to try it out for themselves. One person commented on the video: "What an idea!"

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