Employees Entertain Baby After Manager Brings Her to Work in Adorable Video

Employees at a Little Caesars pizza restaurant are being praised for entertaining a young child after their manager brought her to work.

The video was uploaded by the baby's father who goes by @mixxedjesus on TikTok. The adorable footage received more than 3.4 million views and 4,600 comments since it was posted on Wednesday.

Many users commented about how awesome it was that the single father was able to bring his baby to work given the high cost of child care.

The average cost of child care in the United States is about $8,355 per year per child, according to World Population Review. But some states average much higher, such as Massachusetts which averages at $20,000 a year or Washington, D.C. which is $24,243.

In the video, the TikToker filmed two female employees performing a dance to The Wheels on the Bus.

The TikTokers daughter watched in awe from her playpen as the two employees entertained her in the back of the restaurant.

TikToker @Mixxedjesus explained that he is the general manager of the Little Caesars which is why he was able to bring her to work.

"Who gone tell me she can't be there lol," he said in the comments.

While some companies offer employees the ability to bring their children to work until they become mobile, many minimum wage jobs do not give these same permissions.

According to Care.com's 2021 Cost of Care Survey, more than 57 percent of families spent over $10,000 on child care in 2020. Data showed that daycare rates in the United States have gone up by 87 percent and 62 percent of families are concerned about the price of childcare.

Due to the increased price for child care, 42 percent of parents in 2020 found themselves cutting back on their hours in order to stay home with their children. About 26 percent of parents also considered switching their jobs and 26 percent considered leaving the workforce entirely in order to care for their children.

More than 4,618 users commented on @mixxedjesus' video, with many supporting his decision to bring his daughter to work.

"More places should let baby's at work," one user commented and received more than 21,400 comments. "What ever happened to take ur child to work day."

"So much respect for the manager!" another user commented. "The store in general some places don't let this happen and it's sad! This makes me so happy."

"That's the realist s**t I've seen," another wrote. "Coming from a mother with no babysitter, stay blessed."

But other users claimed it was an unsafe environment for a child and that having her in the kitchen probably broke a few sanitation rules. In a follow-up video, the TikToker toured viewers around the kitchen and explained that there was nothing dangerous near his daughter while she was in her playpen.

Baby playing with toys
Employees at a Little Caesars went viral after the manager posted a TikTok of them playing with his young daughter who he brought to work. The clip has amassed more than 3.4 million views. santypan/iStock