'The English Game' Cast: Who Stars in the Julian Fellowes Netflix Show?

The English Game sees Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes working with another large cast of British actors to tell a story about the British class system.

This time, Edward Holcroft and Kevin Guthrie lead the cast of his Netflix series as an upper class and working class soccer player respectively at the birth of the modern game in the mid-19th century.

Joining these two stars are many actors that fans of British dramas will have seen before, including Craig Parkinson, Charlotte Hope and Kate Dickie.

Who is in the cast of The English Game?

the english game netflix cast
Gerald Kearns and Edward Holcroft in 'The English Game' Netflix

Edward Holcroft - Arthur Kinnaird

One of the characters in The English Game based on a real person is Arthur Kinnaird, known as the "first lord of football" due to his aristocratic upbringing (he was the son of a Baron) and his talent for soccer, playing for Wanderers and Old Etonians, the team he plays for in the Netflix series. He is played by Edward Holcroft, who has developed a niche for posh boy roles in works like London Spy, the Kingsman franchise and Wolf Hall.

Kevin Guthrie - Fergus Suter

A rival of Kinnaird is Fergus Suter, a player for working-class team Darwen who is accused of being paid to play the game—something that was against the rules at the time. He is based on a real player who would become one of the sport's first professionals. The actor who portrays him, Kevin Guthrie, has also appeared in the Fantastic Beasts franchise, Dunkirk and the 2018 season of The Terror.

Charlotte Hope - Alma Kinnaird

Mary Alma Kinnaird (known as Alma in The English Game) was the wife of Kinnaird, whom he married in 1875. In the Netflix show, she is brought to life by Charlotte Hope, who played Ramsey Bolton's Myranda for four seasons of Game of Thrones before joining the cast of Starz's The Spanish Princess.

the english game cast
Kevin Guthrie and Craig Parkinson in 'The English Game' Netflix

Craig Parkinson - James Walsh

In the series, Line of Duty and Black Mirror star Craig Parkinson plays James Walsh, a mill owner who is at the heart of the show's paying for players scandal after he pays two Darwen players for playing under the auspices of them working for his mill.

James Harkness - Jimmy Love

Jimmy Love is another real-life Scottish player who many have called the first professional player after he and Suter were paid by James Walsh. He is less well-known than Suter, though Rogue One actor James Harkness, who recently appeared in British crime drama The Victim, may change that after playing the role in the English game.

Niamh Walsh - Martha Almond

Niamh Walsh of Jamestown plays Martha Almond, a love interest for Suter who (historical spoiler alert) ended up becoming his wife when the pair married in 1883.

Gerard Kearns - Tommy Marshall

Another member of the Darwen team is Tommy Marshall, who played outside-right for the team from 1878 to 1886. Gerald Kearns from the U.K. version of Shameless stars as the soccer player in The English Game.

Also starring in The English Game are:

  • Joncie Elmore (Downton Abbey, Shameless) - Ted Stokes
  • Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, Prometheus) - Aileen Suter
  • Daniel Ings (The Crown, Lovesick) - Marindin
  • Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Killing Eve, The Inbetweeners, Indian Summers) - Alfred Lyttelton
  • Kate Phillips (Peaky Blinders, The Aftermath, The Crown) - Laura Lyttelton
  • Ben Batt (Captain America: The First Avenger, Scott & Bailey) - Cartwright

The English Game is streaming now on Netflix.