Enormous 14.5ft Crocodile Dubbed Scarface Filmed Chilling in Creek

A massive, 14.5-foot crocodile known as Scarface has been filmed relaxing in a creek in Australia.

The saltwater crocodile was filmed in the Daintree River in Queensland by the Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Cruises.

"He's called Scarface as he's a gangster and he has many scars on his face," David White, who owns the company, told Newsweek. "He's the boss croc of the Daintree river and I have been watching him for more than 20 years. He's an A-lister as he's a celebrity and the paparazzi—that's me—are crazy about him."

The Days of Daintree is a fictional soap opera White's company projects onto the wildlife they help tourists to see on river cruises. "Our Wildlife are the celebrities," White said. "I try to find gossip on the A-listers' break ups, make ups, fashion or food. [Scarface] is a mega star as he is number one A-lister of the Days of the Daintree."

Saltwater crocodiles reside along the coasts and water systems of northern and eastern Australia and are known to eat large prey including fish, birds, cows, buffalo and boar. They can grow up to 20-feet in length and weigh over 2,200 pounds. They derive their name from inhabiting coastal saltwater areas, but they can be found over 120 miles inland in freshwater creeks and rivers.

White said that enormous crocodiles like Scarface are only dangerous to humans if safety advice is ignored: "How dangerous are they? Well, they are wild animals, predators, so [it] depends on your behavior, if you swim with them or make a poor choice, they are lethal—we are on the menu. However, if you don't swim then they ignore the boats and it's not dangerous at all."

White said Scarface was one of the dominant saltwater crocodiles in the Daintree river system, but he faces competition from other male crocodiles: "He thinks all the offspring are his, but of course he can't be everywhere at once and some of his 'girlfriends' make other boys very welcome. In DNA studies they have found that a female nest may have up to three different fathers, but we don't tell Scarface this."

The government of Queensland advises people in the northern coastal regions of the state—known as "croc country"—to stay at least 16 feet from the water's edge to minimize risks.

Other safety advice includes avoiding water at dawn and dusk and nighttime when crocodiles are more active, and not feeding the animals.

14.5-foot crocodile known as Scarface
14.5-foot crocodile known as Scarface in Daintree River in Queensland, Australia. Saltwater crocodiles are considered more dangerous than their freshwater relatives and can grow up to 20-feet long. David White/Solar Whisper