Entire Office Dresses Up As Boss in Hilarious Birthday Prank

Office birthdays are usually a lacklustre affair. At best you are forced to endure your coworkers singing "happy birthday" before half-heartedly blowing on a store-bought cake.

However, when it came to the birthday of one boss recently, her staff decided to go above and beyond by organizing a very creative surprise.

In a video, which was posted to TikTok by a man named Tyler, known online as Itstylerbitch, the whole office decided to dress up as their boss Megan, even down to wearing wigs to replicate her brown hair.

The footage, which has gone viral with more than 6.1 million views, begins with the group a colleagues putting on the shoulder length wigs and posing together.

Text overlaying the clip reads: "Dressing up as our boss on her birthday."

Tyler then announces "She's here! She's here!" The team then rush into position, pretending to work.

Megan, dressed in a fuchsia blouse and big sunglasses, enters through the front door before doing a double take at the room.

The shocked boss is then greeted with a chorus of "Happy birthday, Megan" to which she exclaims: "You freaks! Oh my god I am dead."

However, her heart rate does not have much time to settle, as she is then surprised by the male owner of the company sneaking up on her, also dressed in Megan-esque attire and a brown wig.

Tyler captioned the humorous footage, which can be watched here, writing: "International Megan Day (2021) #fyp #office #veteransday #surprise."

The video has gained lots of traction since it was posted on November 12, having been liked by a staggering 1.5 million people.

Additionally nearly 4,300 people have already rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny prank.

One social media user, Juju, wrote: "The way every single one of you understood the assignment perfectly."

Another person, Manny, added: The fact that y'all pretended to work like normal when she came in was so funny."

Boehoho typed: "You can really see their workplace is not toxic and I'm jealous."

Jhon Fab remarked: "If your employees make this kind of effort for your birthday you probably are a good boss."

Thecheekychameleon stated: "What I'd kill for a healthy work environment like that."

Gokkie_turan gushed: "Working there would be so much fun though. Every birthday they dress up as each other."

Blam.23 observed: "The boss, owner - heck, the entire company passed the vibe check."

Ellyandur commented: "Imagine being a customer and going there in that very moment, would be an interesting accident."

Kitchen_mechanic expressed: "This was really worth the time and effort!," alongside a string of praising Emojis.

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A stock image of a woman celebrating her birthday at work. On TikTok a group of coworkers decided to surprise their boss by dressing up as her. iStock