Eric Trump Urges 'Army of Trump' to Vote for Republicans, Says Obama Taking Credit for Father's Accomplishments

Donald Trump's second oldest son, Eric, ridiculed former President Barack Obama Tuesday morning and urged the "Army of Trump" to get out and vote for his father's vision of the Republican Party.

Making a cameo on Fox News's Election Day coverage Tuesday, Eric Trump accused Obama of "taking credit" for how much America was "winning," and that it was Obama himself who destroyed what the Democrats were now running on: health care. Trump gushed about his father's reputed accomplishments while in office and gave his dad credit for making the country "win at everything."

"His name is not on the ballot, but America is winning," the president's son told the Fox panel Tuesday morning, referring to his doting dad. "We are winning at everything we do. Our economy is winning, our military is winning, our veterans are winning, we're winning with jobs, we're winning with trade, we're winning with everything right now guys.

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Eric Trump said Election Day that Barack Obama was "taking credit" for his father's accomplishments and urged the "Army of Trump" to vote. Screenshot: Fox & Friends

"If Americans reward that, if Americans reward a person and a party who has won and turned this country around and has made America the greatest country in the world, the greatest economic power this country has ever seen? Then we do amazing today."

He warned Republicans against becoming complacent, and promised that if the "Army of Trump" gets out today, if Republicans and Trump supporters get out there today, we win."

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade then questioned Eric on a speech given by Obama during a Sunday rally in Chicago. Kilmeade attempted to shame Obama for having a "personal" problem with Trump's vision of America.

"A former president, that cannot run again, went out and acted like he was on the ballot, that's Barack Obama," said Kilmeade. "Did he catch the president by surprise, your dad by surprise, that he would do this, and do you find it strange that it seems to be personal with him, he seems to have a personal problem with your father."

"He does have a personal problem," replied Eric. "He's taken credit for a lot of my father's accomplishments, but you see the passion, you don't see the passion at his rallies, you see the passion at my father's rallies."

Fox News host Steve Doocy noted to Eric that in his speech Obama said: "The character of this country is on the ballot," but then said that Obama had never mentioned Trump by name. "But he was talking about your dad," he said.

Eric Trump said the Democrats were only running on "style," not actual accomplishments. He said Americans care only "about results" and the "media refuses to cover it," he said.

He argued that Democrats were running on an anti-law enforcement, anti-ICE and anti-health care ticket. He said he found it ironic that Democrats were running on health care, and pointed directly to Obama for "destroying" the system. "You didn't get to keep your doctor, you didn't get to keep your plan and you didn't save $2,500," he said.

Kilmeade noted the Republicans "blew it" by not coming up with a "repeal and replace plan," to which Trump did not respond.