Eric Trump Says He, Don Jr. and Ivanka Lead 'Nice, Clean Lives'

Donald Trump's son Eric said his family "have always led amazingly clean lives," as he attacked the president's son, Hunter Biden, in an angry tirade while being asked about the recent indictment of the chief financial officer of the Trump organization.

Trump was asked on Newsmax if he was concerned that an indictment was coming his way after a grand jury in Manhattan voted to indict the CFO and the Trump Organization on Wednesday. Prosecutors have charged the Trump Organization and Trump Payroll Corporation with 10 counts and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg with 15 felony counts in connection with an alleged tax scheme going back to 2005.

Weisselberg, who has worked with the Trumps for nearly 50 years, has surrendered to the Manhattan district attorney's office. His lawyers said he would fight the charges.

"We've always led amazingly clean lives and believe me if they could have, they already would of right? That's what they wanted, that was their own goal," Trump, who is executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said in the interview on Thursday.

"The difference is that I'm not Hunter Biden. I'm not selling paintings to undisclosed people for a half a million dollars apiece. I'm not doing drugs in shady hotels. I'm not going out and soliciting prostitution and I'm not going out and selling influence to Ukraine and China and having lavish trips paid for while my father's commander in chief, no I'm not doing that."

Trump was referring to a report in the New York Post suggesting that Joe Biden accidentally paid for his son's wild night out with a Russian prostitute back in May 2018, as well as to reports that Hunter Biden had made a deal with a China-linked New York City art exhibitor named Georges Berges to market his paintings confidentially and anonymously.

Newsweek contacted Hunter Biden, the Trump Organization and the White House for comment.

"You know what we do. Don, Invanka and I live nice clean lives and we work very, very hard and guess what? Long before politics ever came into our lives we were in the business world and we were successful, and we worked very hard and we lived clean lives. It's very different from the Bidens who were never in business until their father got into politics. And they milked it for everything it's worth and they still do it to this day," Trump continued.

'Where Is the District Attorney?'

"Where is the DA there? When you have text messages of prostitutes, of hard drugs, of money laundering and all of these things that are on Hunter Biden's laptop that had been apparently reported so many different times. Where is the district attorney and where is the attorney general, and do the scales of justice only go one way?"

Eric's wife, Lara Trump, spoke with Fox News on Thursday.

She said: "Let me be really clear with people: what we saw happen to Alan Weisselberg today was absolutely disgraceful. Had this happened to anyone else, we are talking about five years of an investigation by Cy Vance [Jr.], the district attorney, we are talking about 3.5 million pages of documents because they are so desperate Dan to find anything on Donald Trump because they want to disqualify him from running for president in 2024.

"The best thing they could find is a corporate car for the CFO of the Trump Organization yet they paraded him to criminal court in handcuffs in front of these horrible people in the media, it was a disgusting display," she said, before alluding to Hunter Biden.

"We know this guy absolutely broke the law, numerous times, nothing is done about that, they go out of their way to try and disqualify Donald Trump, it is disgusting and the message it sends to every single American is that if this could happen to Donald Trump, think about what they can do to you."

Later in a separate Fox interview, Trump went on to say that New York state legislators "were worse than a banana republic."

"They are afraid my father is going to run in 2024 and they're afraid that he's going to win."

"They care about going after great, innocent, human beings, like Wiesselberg and care about going after a political opponent."

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