Et Tu, Lindsey?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed on Tuesday what our own Howard Fineman had here first: he is not going to push immigration reform to the top of the Senate's agenda. So, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is the person to watch once again on climate-change legislation. The House has already passed it, but the Democrats will need some Republican support to break the filibuster. Graham was playing that essential role, but threatened to take his toys and go home when the Democrats were rumored to be pushing immigration ahead of climate change. Graham has stuck his neck out to make a deal with Democrats on both climate change and immigration. As Ezra Klein notes, with energy legislation more likely to actually become law, Graham is right to demand that Democrats push it through, shifting political advantage for them notwithstanding.

So Graham had his reasons to back off the tough job of energy reform. And he could blame it on the Democrats rather than just being a shameless flip-flopper like former maverick John McCain. But without that, he's back in the hot seat, and the pivotal person to watch on energy legislation this year.

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