'Eternals' Cast Guide: Who Plays Who in Marvel's Movie Epic

The first full trailer for Marvel's Eternals was finally unveiled on Monday, and it promises to be a star-studded affair.

With Skeeter Davis' haunting classic "The End Of The World" setting the mood for the teaser, very little is shared concerning the plot of the latest MCU outing, which is helmed by Oscar-winning Nomadland director Chloé Zhao.

As aerial shots glide over a rocky shoreline, the audience is afforded a glimpse into the different civilizations the main immortal characters hail from.

"We have watched and guided," Salma Hayek's Ajak says in the voice-over. "We have helped them progress and seen them accomplish wonders."

Ajak then sets the tone for her fellow immortals to do battle on Earth, as she tellingly concludes: "Throughout the years, we have never interfered—until now."

The trailer also reveals the exhaustive list of A-list stars who have been recruited for the highly anticipated project, which is set to hit screens in November.

Here's a look at the movie's cast members and the roles they will be taking on:

  • Angelina Jolie (Thena): The Oscar-winning actress will show herself as a force to be reckoned with in her role, which sees her as a formidable warrior who can use cosmic energy to form any weapon required.
  • Salma Hayek (Ajak): Oscar-nominated screen star Salma, who is heard narrating the newly-unveiled trailer, portrays a character who serves as a wise and calming force among the squad, having the ability to heal. A spiritual leader who helped advance human civilization, she also has the ability to communicate with Celestials.
  • Gemma Chan (Sersi): Taking on the form of a museum curator on Earth, she has the ability to manipulate matter. It will be seen whether her skills extend to matters of the heart, as she's been in love with Ikaris for centuries.
  • Richard Madden (Ikaris): The "Game Of Thrones" alum's character is a man of many talents, possessing superhuman strength, the ability to fly and the power to project cosmic energy beams from his eyes. He also leads the team of superheroes.
  • Kit Harington (Dane Whitman): With two years having passed since we last saw him banished to a not-so-happy ending as Jon Snow on "Game Of Thrones," the actor will take on the role of a human warrior wielding a mystical sword.
  • Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos): The Emmy nominee will portray a cosmic-powered inventor, who uses clandestine means to aid in humans' technological advances. The character is also groundbreaking, being the first Marvel superhero to be depicted as gay onscreen.
  • Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo): Blending in with the Earth's mere mortals in a way that still sets him apart, Kingo earns himself fame and popularity as a Bollywood star. When not captivating his fans with performances on the silver screen, he can impress through his ability to project cosmic energy from his hands.

The film also features Lia McHugh (Sprite), Barry Keoghan (Druig), Lauren Ridloff (Makkari), and Don Lee (Gilgamesh).

Marvel's "Eternals" is set to be released on November 5.

The cast of Eternals
(L-R) Barry Keoghan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Lauren Ridloff, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, and Don Lee of "The Eternals" at the Walt Disney Studios presentation at Disney’s D23 EXPO 2019 in Anaheim, California, on August 24, 2019. The movie is set to hit screens in November Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney