Mom Accuses Neighbor of 'Force-Feeding' Her Son Spicy Ethnic Food

A woman has shared how her neighbor accused her of force-feeding her child ethnic food while babysitting the little boy.

Posting to Reddit, the woman explained that she was asked to look after Ben, by his single mother that she called Linda for the purpose of anonymity.

When the time came for the seven-year-old to arrive, the poster, who goes by the name thekawaiipisces, explained: "She dropped off her kid, she gave me his lunch: vegetable sandwich and orange juice and told me not to give him any candies and that he is allergic to almonds."

However, when she began making a lunch for herself of roti and brinjal sabzi, a type of eggplant curry, Ben wanted to try it too.

She revealed: "He ended up loving it and ate two rotis. I was happy to see him gulp all that up but unfortunately, he was full from the rotis so he barely ate his sandwich."

When evening came the mother returned to collect her child, but she soon returned seeming "pretty mad."

The Reddit post explained: "She told me that I had no right to force feed her son ethnic food, and God knows what's in it. She said that she was trying to transition her son into the vegan lifestyle, and I just sabotaged it from giving him food she has never even heard of.

"I tried explaining to her that what he ate is completely vegan-friendly and is very healthy, and needless to say yummy, or else Ben wouldn't have [eaten] it all by himself, but she was in no mood to listen.

"She was saying something about how my food would have been so spicy that it could cause her son to fall sick. I am worried now."

She also stated that the mother called her an AH, which on this particular Reddit thread is code for a**hole.

The woman's story has now been liked over 14,000 times since it was posted on May 13.

Many took to the comments section to reassure her that she was not in the wrong.

One person, Sweatiest_Pale, wrote: "His delicate system can handle mayonnaise, salt and raisins and NOTHING else!"

Some people went so far as to claim that the mother had been acting racist, with Reddit user ghozztz writing: "NTA Linda sounds racist."

Cmae61 added: "Not just FOREIGN food but gasp it wasn't white people food!"

Newsweek have contacted the woman for comment.

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Inidan Roti
A stock image of some rotis. In the Reddit post a woman claimed her neighbor accused her of force-feeding her son ethnic food. Getty Images