YouTuber Etika Calls Himself 'Antichrist' After Hospital Release As Fans Continue to Worry

Desmond Amofah, known online as Etikah, has continued to shock his fan base with his unsettling and erratic behavior.

On Monday, the YouTuber and streamer appeared back on Twitter after a brief hiatus, tweeting hundreds of times about being a "god," sharing videos of himself yelling out his window that people were trying to "hurt" him and making inflammatory statements like "f**k the Jews." One fan, potentially concerned for his well being, called the police to do a wellness check on him. In an Instagram Live video streamed to over 19,000 people, Amofah had his apartment door broken down and was taken into custody.

Yo can someone get my landlord to fix my door? I feel a little... uh, VULNERABLE like this!? xD

I am late a few months in rent but hopefully that's not a reason to keep me open to anyone walking in my home BIG yikes...

— Etika @ 999 (@Etika) May 1, 2019

Amofah's situation reached the top trending page on Twitter worldwide Monday, with more than 100,000 tweets mentioning his actions in some capacity. For around eight hours the Etika Twitter account remained silent, only to return with more confusing statements. In a shocking turn of events, Amofah posted a picture of his psychiatric evaluation paperwork, which contained both his actual phone number and home address, effectively doxxing himself. The evaluation report from Brooklyn Methodist Hospital lists the chief complaint as a "psychiatric problem" with a diagnosis of "agitation."

While many of his fans asked him to take down the picture and to stop tweeting, Amofah continued to post personal information, like his driver's license (with the address blocked out this time) and text messages from fans. "I know I accidentally leaked my number but come on guys, I haven't been able to use my phone in days," Amofah tweeted.

On Tuesday night, nearly a day after being released from the hospital Amofah appeared on YouTube's DramaAlert, hosted by Daniel "Keemstar" Keem. In the 10-minute video, Amofah screams "shut up" multiple times, claims he is the "antichrist" and that the only way to be a "god" is to eat "4,000 milligrams of potassium every day."

Amofah continued to tweet throughout Tuesday night, asking for PayPal donations and only raising $13. It's unclear what will happen next for Amofah or his Etika channel. This story is developing and Newsweek will continue to update t as needed.