Mother and Daughter Shot Multiple Times As Police Hunt For Ex-Boyfriend

Texas police officers have named a man as a person of interest after his ex-girlfriend and her teenage daughter were shot near their home.

According to ABC13, Estella Wilder, 45, and Akyrah King, 16, were shot multiple times just yards away from their home in Third Street and Donoho, in Hempstead, on Wednesday (October 6) night.

Both were taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for their injuries.

Hempstead Police officers named Eugene Singleton as a person of interest who they wanted to speak with in connection with the shooting.

Family members said Wilder had ended their relationship about three weeks ago and she was scared of Singleton to the point that she took King with her to live away from home.

On Wednesday, Wilder and King returned to the house to collect some belongings, when they were both shot.

Footage from a surveillance camera recorded Singleton as he tried to get into Wilder's car shortly after the shooting happened, according to ABC13.

Wilder's niece Tameka Wilder-Robinson told ABC13: "He was obsessed with my aunt. He even told her he was obsessed with her."

She later alleged Singleton had harassed Wilder by calling her multiple times and had attempted to find her.

Wilder-Robinson continued: "He's a manipulator. So, if he was to call, he would act like it's nothing, but he really was looking for her. She blocked every number he had. He would call her from apps."

She later gave details about the shooting and said: "The first shot was going for her [Wilder's] head, it grazed her. The second shot went in her stomach. He came there to kill them. No doubt."

Wilder-Robinson then said King was able to run down the street after being shot and that she knocked on several doors until a neighbor phone 911.

Wilder was also able to use her cellphone to call her mother after she had been shot.

She and other family members are now hoping the public can help find Singleton. They also accused the Hempstead Police Department of not doing enough to help Wilder.

Wilder-Robinson told the network: "It was ongoing, every day. They just weren't doing enough. They didn't take it serious."

Newsweek has contacted the Hempstead Police Department for comment.

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Singleton is a person of interest
Eugene Singleton has been named as a person of interest in the investigation into the shooting. In these police handouts, Singleton can be seen looking into the camera and attempting to open a car door. Hempstead Police Department